Monday, September 3, 2012

LunaMar Performing Arts Introduction

LunaMar Performing Arts Introduction 120903

Una Milena sent this important announcement to all DANCE QUEENS members and SL dancers ...


LunaMar Performing Arts Introduction

Hi everyone, my name is Una Milena.  Nottoo has very kindly permitted me to write to members of her group, Dance Queens, to announce the opening of a new sim.

LunaMar Performing Arts is a full sim which is being designed as a low prim/low script sim dedicated to Second Life's dance and performing community.  It is joined along its northern border to Luna Mar, also a full sim, which is used by Caryl Meredith and her Spirit Dance Company (SDC). These 2 sims will now provide, along their border, what has been proven to be an excellent set up of performers on one sim, audience on the other. 

I have created 2 sky platforms which are now being offered to dance companies for rehearsals and performances.

The stage platforms are each 64 x 60, audience seating platforms 64 x 64. Audience seating will be provided so all you will need is your stage set up for the Luna Mar sim platform. 

As the sims are used by SDC on a regular basis for rehearsals and performances, scheduling will be on a first come, first served basis with each season being booked in advance (ie 3 months ahead).  

As this creation is being used solely to share our love of dance and performance, the platforms will be offered free of charge.

I would love to hear from any groups who are interested in using the platforms and will be taking bookings for the Fall and Winter seasons. 

LPMA Stage 1

LPMA Stage 2



This is an important and generous offer by Una. The split-sim approach has been shown to be a successful way to minimize lag for dance performances. Having a split sim available without charge means that any dance group can plan and deliver their best performance with a minimum impact from lag. Una is bearing the cost on this, which is significant. I thank Una for doing this. It will advance dancing in SL.

LPMA Stage 1

LPMA Stage 2