Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Survey Follow-up: Poses in Dancing

Survey Follow-up: Poses in Dancing 120919

Today I received a notecard from Tiviyah. Here it is with her permission ...

Greetings Nottoo!

I was looking through the survey results, and I happened to see this suggestion:
"I would though like to see a list of "poses" and an article on how poses can be used in a dance routine. Some dance companies use poses and it looks so awesome. "

I also saw your answer.

One night when I got EXTREMELY bored, I actually started a list of some nice starting or ending poses from various makers.  I would love to continue this list and write something generally for you about pose use in dancing... and perhaps even updating the pose list over time.

I'm quite the fan of using poses and even AO components in dancing... and I loved this idea when I saw it and my mind started running with it.

((No, I'm not volunteering to my own suggestion.  Mine was actually the one about a weekly group notice... which I also read your answer to and totally understand your logic.  :-D))
Do please let me know if you'd like me to write this.  I'd be honored and uber excited.

~ Tiviyah

So, I IMd Tiviyah and to make a short story even shorter, soon Tiviyah will be writing about the use of poses and maintaining a list of good ones for us.

Thank you to Tiviyah.

It makes me feel good that people are willing to volunteer to do things to help all of us dance better.