Monday, September 17, 2012

No Copy Nooby

No Copy Nooby 120917

A DANCE QUEENS member sent me this note about copy dances. She agreed for it to be published but as an anonymous source ...


About No Copy animation

Lately I seem to be running into issues with “no copy” animations. These are the ones you buy if you have an alt and will be moving them to another account. Ya that statement is a bit negative but you know it’s so true.

The following is a dramatized version of events that take place in Second Life on a daily basis.

“No Copy” animation are a plague on the unsuspecting NOOB. They look all innocent sitting there in their low priced version. As you approach them they smile at you, looking all cute and cuddly. How can you resist cute and cuddly? These “no copy” animations make grown men weak at the knees.  Then the shop keeper hands one to you as a gift. You can’t say no to them. “Awwww, you’re so CUTE! Thank you.”

Now you are sucked in. Your resistance has been lowered. You can control this, everything is good! You are using your cute little “No Copy” animations. Soon you find they have multiplied. Somehow these things are migrating into your Dance HUD. After a while you find your dance HUD is full of these things all co-mingled with your “Copy” version.  What does it matter, you love the “No Copy” the same as you love your “Copy” version animations.

Then that dark day hits. It’s like a storm out of the west. There was no sign of clouds. Everything was good! But these cute little “No Copy” animations where planning things. Just waiting, biding their time for that perfect moment to strike! The message goes out across the grid. “IT TIME TO BREAK OUT!” Unaware of their demonic intentions you rez your HUD. Something strange happens. The perfect storm! Where is your HUD? Where are those cute little cuddly animations? Panic sets in! You start digging through your inventory. Your heart races! Your stomach feels ill. Where are they? Dear GOD where are they!?!?!?

It finally sets in… Your HUD is GONE! Your cute little cuddly “No Copy” animations are GONE! You run to your big brother Linden. He just tells you it’s his decision to help or not to help you. It could happen or it might not. You try the shop owner. Maybe he will be kind and give you your cute little cuddly “No Copy” animations back. So you teleport to the shop and the “No Copy” animations just stick their tongue out at you. They laugh and make fun of you as you walk by. They are not so cute anymore. 

You talk to the shop owner. He just hands you a note card about the terms of sale. He knows you will be back to buy copy versions all over again. He knows that for every 2 “no copy” animation he sells he will resell them a copy animation. He is not stupid. He saw you, the NOOB coming a mile away.  He priced it so you would buy that cuddly “no copy”.  He knows that big brother Linden is going to help him make more of your money.  After all if the shop owner makes money big brother linden is going to bank too.

Weeks later you find yourself in the shop again, you find yourself dancing a cute cuddly animation. But this time you pay 30 pennies more for the “COPY” version.  Because you know the “COPY” version won’t lie to you.  You know the “COPY” version won’t run off with some floozy dance HUD. You know the “COPY” version won’t hurt you like that cute and cuddly “No Copy” did. 

Out of the corner of your eye you see the shop owner approach. He sniffs at the air. It hits you, he is sniffing for NOOB.  He walks right by you like you don’t exist.  You smirk and say to yourself,” I’m no longer a NOOB.”