Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Change

The Change 120905

Medora Carter sent us this invitation ...


For Immediate Release

Intergrid Metaverse Art Biennial (IMAB)
Grand Opening September 6, 2012  12.45pm slt
Simultaneously in France, Hungary and Second Life

The Intergrid Metaverse Art Biennial (IMAB) is a six-month long metaverse art festival.  It is a historic first, celebrating the new art of the evolving Metaverse. In the 21st century virtual reality is home to new forms of artistic collaboration in which national and art form boundaries disappear. New art forms, as yet unnamed, emerge, as well as new expressions of the visual arts, music, dance, poetry and drama.

The festival spans different grids - InWorldz, OSGrid,  Craft, Metropolis and other Open Sim grids, and Second Life. It opens on 6th September in honour of the 100th anniversary of the
birth of architect Nicolas Schöffer, the father of Cybernetic Art. The CHANGE will launch on that day in Benvolio,  Second Life, in his honour.

"Who created that Magic atmosphere ? Spectators and dancers are merged in the same intense marvel, it is not reality, it is not dream, it is another reality... out of gravity laws, heaviness of  matter... Heaven, Heaven, Heaven... Where is Alice ??? Isn't it the new Wonderland ? Pure beauty, pure dance, pure flight! He would have been : SURPRISED - MARVELLED - HAPPY - LAUGHING - ENJOYING and APPLAUDING... :))) " ~ Eléonore Schöffer

The Opening of the Festival is marked by the world premiere of  THE CHANGE, a rock opera created through months of collaboration by an international team. The CHANGE is about the huge challenge and choice facing our world - will we continue the way we are to one future, or change direction? The show uses symbolic imagery. The audience is led
by a dark and a light shaman into alternative futures. We voyaging into other realities - into the distant future and into the distant past. We face the questions - what have we done? Is it too late? Shall we awake or shall we die?

The second event will be in InWorldz on 7 September. ACQUARELLA RISING by Alizarin Goldflake is an immerrsive arts build showing at first a post-apocalyptic future … humans have destroyed the world through greed and war and pollution.  Then the goddess Acquarella sets about repopulating the ocean with purity and light ... but the story doesnt
end there.
The Biennial  Website will show all the events as the full programme
develops on the different grids.

The festival celebrates the emerging fantastical and creative worlds of virtual reality.  In the hypergridded metaverse new worlds spring into being,  each with its creators and arts. Already avatars can travel between some of these worlds.  The IMAB festival calls for all
grids to provide hypergrid freedom for our virtual selves to leap world to world! Let the citizens of the metaverse explore, encounter, create and express themselves!

The Biennial is a challenge to the artists and arts lovers who have not yet explored this new frontier for creative expression.  Cross the frontier into the metaverse. See the creative opportunities to view, immerse, create. Open your new arts palete of scripting, texturing,
animating and building tools. Make art across the boundaries of nations, art forms, grids. Speak to humanity about the things that count in our lives. For those enjoying art in one part of the metaverse - come explore! It is simple and free to make accounts.

For more information contact: in Second Life Josina Burgess or Velazques Bonetto; in InWorldz Alizarin Goldflake; in OSGrid Thirza Ember, in Metropolis Zak Spot, in Craft Tao Quan.

The IMAB team:
Alizarin Goldflake (InWorldz)
Efrantirise Morane (Second Life, Metropolis, Craft)
Josina Burgess (Second Life, Metropolis, OSgrid)
Junivers Stockholm  (Second Life)
Lena Vanili (Metropolis)
Licu Rau (Craft)
Medora Chevalier (Second Life, InWorldz, Metropolis)
Nazz Lane (Second Life, InWorldz)
Reslez Steeplechase (Second Life, Metropolis)
Ruben Haan (OSGrid)
Tao Quan (Craft)
Thirza Ember (OSGrid)
Velazquez Bonetto (Second Life, Metropolis)
Wanda Shigella (Metropolis)
Zak Spot (Metropolis)

The IMAB festival follows the "Metaverse Art" festival in 2010. It was similar but limited then to Second Life art. The show was followed by a four volume set of books available at these links:
and in real life as print-on-demand books.