Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DANCE QUEENS Special Interest Groups

DANCE QUEENS Special Interest Groups 120918

Prior to this note you have just seen two articles by Mily Sandalwood specific to Gorean dancing. DANCE QUEENS has dancers of all kinds and Gorean dancing is an important part of SL dancing. Not everyone is interested in Gorean dancing , but those who are are passionate about it. The same applies to those DANCE QUEENS members who love Burlesque dancing, or Club dancing or Show dancing or other special types of dancing.

IN the recent DANCE QUEENS Survey an idea was given to have specific information about Gorean dancing. So, I thought why not also have specific information about the other major dancing interests that DANCE QUEENS members have. Over the next few days I will add a section in the blog upper right for Special Interest Groups. I will start with Gorean dancing and Mily has been kind enough to say she will help me. I know almost nothing about Gorean dancing and Mily will provide the expertise. I will focus on organizing the information with an eye toward making it a template for other Special Interest Groups.

I am sure our first attempt at providing Special Interest information will be revised. Please send me your suggestions for how to do this. AND, if you want to extend this idea of Special Interest Groups to an area in which you have particular interest, let me know.

Of course, not everyone cares about the details of Special Interest groups in dancing. Any article that is specific to a Special Interest group, I will try to put a comment at the beginning so you know. Then, you can focus your dance reading on what you want.