Friday, September 7, 2012

Henmations Releases Sexy House Dance Series

Henmations Releases Sexy House Dance Series 120907

Hendrik Schroeder sent the following notice to the Henmations Group today ...


Dear Customers,

we just released the first part of our new "Sexy House" Dance Series.
Enjoy lots of sexy female Dance Animations that has been performed to the current top Club Beats.

Like with any new Dance Series there is a FREE DANCE available as Group Gift at the welcome Area!


Have a nice Weekend!

PS.  HENMATIONS promise is to deliver the maximum Quality thats possible on SL.
        The previously released Burlesque Series III has not been at 100% of our Quality Standards and has just been re-uploaded.
        If you purchased some of this Dances earlier you can contact us to receive a free updated Version.

1 comment:

  1. Buyer beware, the "fixed" burlesque series has been changed but still has broken arms in parts, not as obvious as it was but it's still not right, also, the new release has the same problem with broken shoulders in places