Thursday, September 27, 2012

Unity Productions Opens New Show

Unity Productions Opens New Show 120927

Tiviyah sent us this invitation to the new show by Unity Productions ...


((Please note, I am sending this admitting full well that I am completely ignorant of any pre-established religious beliefs you hold.  This is in no way meant to insult you.))

My Dearest Friends ~

You know that I hold very few things close to my heart, but when I DO find something I hold close, I hold on tight.  And some of you know that I'm not necessarily the most religious person out there, but I do perform with Unity Productions, a god-centered dance troupe who dances to spread a message of love.  Not just God's love, but love in general.  Love right where you're at, no matter who you are and what you've done.
Some of you may know about the "Stations of the Cross"... the steps that Jesus took from exiting Pilate's palace to the point of being laid in the tomb after his crucifixion.  I've seen this in pictures on the walls of church sims, etc... but I've NEVER seen something like the sim I'm standing in now.

The Via Dolorosa sim here in Second Life is a real-time tour THROUGH the stations of the cross.  You walk from the landing point to station 1 where you're encouraged to turn on your music to hear Gregorian chants.  You then walk to Station 2 where you are given a cross to wear... male, female, and child sized crosses.  After that, you turn off your AO and follow the instructions to allow a scripted track take you through the stations... 3-14.  This whole tour takes about 15 minutes... and it's wonderful.  Heavily religious or not, this is a fantastic experience.

And now the problem... there has been financial hardship... and the student who built this sim has gone back to Indonesia without internet... and school was paying for the sim and his premium account.  Because he can't afford the account, it has been locked.  Currently there are only 2 Deacons around who still have any control over the sim: the cross Animator and the track Scripter.  They have approached us with a need.  A need for tier, a need for traffic, a need to get the word out.

Unity Productions has been invited on Friday evening (yes, this Friday, the 28th of Steptember) at 7:30pm SLT.  We will be 'opening' our new show "Shaken Into Peace" here at a benefit fundraiser.  I'm including a landmark for two reasons.

1.) Come visit!  Even if you're not a heavily religious person, this is still a pretty powerful thing to see.  You are... quite literally... carrying a cross through the streets.

2.) Come to the benefit.  Tell your friends.  Promote however you know to do so.  Even from me, lukewarm as I tend to be on issues of religion, this is an amazing place that should not go by the wayside as so many sims in SL do.

((And as I told the Unity girls tonight, I'll throw a right royal fit if this place closes.))
Sorry this was so long and so much information.  You know I love you all, right?  :-)

Peace and Blessings (and come see the sim!)
~ Tivi