Saturday, September 15, 2012

Noemyi Sells Illegal Dances on SL Marketplace

Noemyi Sells Illegal Dances on SL Marketplace 120915

It seems that every time we uncover one illegal dance seller, DANCE QUEENS members find another. Here is an IM I had with a DQ member (name removed to protect her identity)

[10:35:02] DQ member :
[10:35:06] DQ member : o.O?
[10:35:42] Nottoo Wise: hi __ xxx
[10:35:46] Nottoo Wise: looks like another one
[10:35:58] DQ member : ya im thinking that too
[10:36:05] DQ member : hi ya
[10:36:15] Nottoo Wise: ty i will pursue it and not mention ur name
[10:36:28] DQ member : =)

So, I followed the link. Hahahaha. This one even gives the names of the Studio4D dances. Not too bright and that's compared to Nottoo Wise. Anyway, I put Noemyi on the illegal dance seller list and sent a note to Live Gears, who is the Studio4D owner.