Saturday, September 29, 2012

vixtris Sells Illegal SL Dances

vixtris Sells Illegal SL Dances 120929

I got a notecard today from a DANCE QUEENS member whom I know very well. Here it is:


Hey Nottoo

My GIrlfriend has run across a new Illegal dance seller

I checked the profile of the seller (vixtris). She and her boyfriend (darrinster) joined SL last month.

Creators names are
Easy Babcock,
mustang Letlow
Dave Bellman,
Abramelin Wolfe
Live Gears

The dance names have been changed


As usual I am not disclosing the name of the member who found this, but thanks to her. I am sending this information to Easy Babcock (owner of Sine wave, but a waste of time since he never responds), Dave Bellman (owner of Animazoo), Abremelin Wolfe (owner of Abranimations) and Live Gears (owner of Studio4D who also has disappeared). I also added vixtris to the Illegal Dance Seller list.