Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Spirit Light Dance Co. presents Impressions

   The Spirit Light Dance Company Presents
        May 20, May 27,
         June 3, and June 10
         All shows are at 12noon SLT
          Sponsored by
           Rockcliffe University
             Journey into the worlds of great painters over the last 150 years including
            Monet, Degas, and Chagall, Boudin, Matisse and Lautrec, to name only a few.
 SLDC uses dance as palette and brush to honour and celebrate the artistic accomplishments of the masters.
            You will be dazzled as the canvas of famous paintings is brought to life on stage where the two dimension become three in movement and dance.    
                    You won't want to miss this unique and amazing performance.
            Second Life is an artist’s canvas, a dancer’s world, and a musician’s hall, each without the limitations of the physical world and with the immense possibilities of a virtual world.
 The program is presented free of charge, however we expect large crowds
so come early to assure access to the sim.
            Please keep your scripts at 50 or below 
Dance is an Art
      Paint your Dream and Follow it!  Steven Thompson 

"Here is a little preview and the making of...
the concept was impressive, a fabulous show" - Web