Friday, May 11, 2018

How to submit a notecard for an event

The Dance Queens Mailbox

I've gotten a lot of thumbs up and good feedback on the new platform for the calendar. It's good to see something change for the better. Thank you to everyone who has bookmarked it, used it, and sent in notecards for show announcements.

After all of these posts about the new calendar, I figured I should remind y'all how easy it is to request that we add your event to the calendarblog, and daily notices:
  1. Go to the Dance Queens infocenter.
  2. Click the notecard giver above the mailbox. You will receive a notecard with instructions.
  3. Fill out the notecard with:
    • Date(s) and Time(s) of your show(s).
    • Name of your troupe and description of event.
    • Special instructions/dress code if one.
    • SLURL/LM (drag and drop the landmark).
    • OPTIONAL: Picture or poster for the blog post (drag and drop the texture).
  4. Find the notecard in your inventory.
  5. Change TROUPENAME to your dance troupe's name.
  6. Drag and drop that notecard on the mailbox.
The mailbox will send an alert to the Dance Queens managers. One of them will pick up the notecards and add them to the calendar (and blog, if requested) as soon as possible.

You can use that notecard for future shows. Just update the information and send it in.

  • Do not send the notecard directly to a Dance Queens manager. Drop it on the mailbox.
  • Only two months in advance, maximum.
  • Try to send them at least 48 hours in advance. Yes, we can add the entries quickly, but you want to give your fans some time to plan ahead, right?
If I'm online and I see an announcement for a show that isn't on the calendar, I'll send a copy of the notecard to the person making the announcement so they can get future shows on there.


Here's a list of reasons to use the calendar:
  • It lets groups see who's got upcoming shows, in case they want to adjust their own show schedules around them. (Collaboration)
  • If a show has multiple performances, like Monarchs or Kiki's or Ballet Pixelle, it lets people plan which one to go to. (Planning)
  • It can send notifications to your smartphone or browser. (Mobility and automation)
  • We build the daily notecard from the calendar. (Convenience)
  • If someone's out of group slots, they can see your upcoming shows. (Limited resources)
  • I put a lot of time and effort into the new calendar platform, so it lets me know that you appreciate the effort I put into it. Or... or... DON'T YOU LOVE ME????? WHERE'S THE LOVE???? (The passive-aggressive approach)
  • I usually do a weekend in dance feature at Inara Pey's blog based on that calendar. (I'm taking this week off because I'm lazy.)
There's probably more reasons out there, like the stars aligning in the House of Neptune while Mercury is in retrograde or something.