Monday, May 7, 2018

Harleyquin Workshops - May 7th - May 13th

Harleyquin Workshops - May 7th through May 13th

Instructor:  Eva Harley
All Workshops are held in voice, no fee to attend
No registration required, please arrive early

Two Harleyquin workshops this week - all are welcome, and no registration is required!  Whether brand new to dance, dipping in your toes, or pushing the limits of your dance tools - there is a workshop for you!  If you have any questions, please contact EvaHarley Resident in-world.  Hope to see you there!

Please arrive early!  To make the most of our time I will be closing the sim *five* minutes after the scheduled workshop start time.  Thank you!

Mon May 7th - 5 pm slt
Spot On Smooth Dancer – Focus on Sequences
Create a sequence of timed animations by using the amazing record feature in the Smooth Dancer HUD.  Learn how to create multiple sequences, manually edit, and even use sequences within a sequence!  We will also touch on smoothing transitions, blind animations, and how you CAN perform using only the Smooth Dancer HUD!  Includes creating your own sequence and a group activity.
Requirements:  Come prepared with a Smooth Dancer HUD loaded with at least 20 animations.  Be familiar with inviting dancers, removing, and reinviting.

Sat May 12th - 12 pm slt
Making Your Own Special Effects HUD

Triggering changes, actions, and effects during a dance can add significant impact to a performance.  We will review how this can be accomplished through the Performance Director or configuring one of the HUD buttons, but we are also going to add a new tool to your arsenal – how you can create your own special effects trigger HUD.  We’ll discuss what you can do with it and why you may want to create one.  It is easier than you think!   Includes a hands-on exercise where you will create your own and trigger a little bit of magic!
Requirements:  Basic knowledge of editing notecards, the object contents window

Not sure about participating?  Want to come listen and learn more?  You are welcome to join us!  There is a comfortable seating area if you'd prefer to listen and watch!

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