Friday, May 18, 2018

Debauche Sunday

Sunday 20th May, 12.45 pm SLT

I was going to write something here but I think the owner of the venue we will be dancing at on Sunday said it so perfectly.

"I was thinking last night. I am a very lucky Sim owner. Why you ask? Because once a month (I wish it was more) I get to host THE DEBAUCHE GIRLS in the theater at my Sim, and it's that time again. Join us this Sunday at 12:45 pm SLT for the finest, most awesome, and most lovely dance troupe on the grid - THE DEBAUCHE. Mark it on your calendar, come early to get a good seat, and let the ladies entertain you like nothing you have every seen!"

(Jana Rookswood)

Thank you Jana xx

Want to come see if she is right/ Of course you do!!!!

Debauche, Sunday 20th May, 12.45 pm SLT

A little risque, a lot sexy, ALWAYS classy