Friday, May 11, 2018

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

Okay, so Dance Police is defunct... didn't really get on a roll with The Highlight Reel... a few draft articles gathering dust that should go to, along with a This Weekend in Second Life Dance that's accumulating more and more holes in the schedule.

I did write an article a few days ago on the journey I took in putting together my first dance act for Guerilla Burlesque. Taking it to Ddebauche on Sunday. Built a few more, stalled on a couples dance concept, let it slide... and slide... and slide...

Not going to as many shows or shooting as many photos as of late. Hard to shoot when there's a drugged-up cat with a floppy collar of shame sleeping on you.


I don't think I'm burning out... and I suppose that's a question for y'all:
  • When do you know you're starting to burn out?
  • How do you take a break?
  • What gets your creative juices flowing again?


  1. Burn out is definitely a real thing...
    In's when I'm on auto-pilot and going through the motions, start forgetting things, when it feels like a 'job', when I don't feel excited to get on that stage. It comes out in my voice and in my dances too. I reduce future commitments for a bit, focus on preparing ahead, and take some time RL too. Dance videos on youtube are amazing for creative juices and private blogging new ideas...and music. A favorite quote - "this too shall pass" ~Eva

  2. When you experience Burn Out for the first time, it should never be allowed to happen again. Learn from it reduce your creative demand on yourself immediately. Recognise it, acknowledge it as part of the process in learning about yourself and your limits. No one can be expected to produce quality dances every week, this is dilution. So as I said, learn from it pick yourself up and set yourself a manageable timetable which allows you balance in your creative time and the other stuff we need in our lives. Taking a break for me isn't about walking away from dance for a while, it is about re focussing, rebalancing and listening to the new ideas developing in your mind, allowing them space time and respect to flourish. To become inspired is stepping beyond what you know, learning new things and then new thoughts will occur, listening, watching and feeling will move you to where your next path of inspiration lies. Walk it slowly and surely, with full awareness and attention. Use guided visualisation, books, poetry and music, to guide you to where your path may lead to your next creative phase. Enjoy your journey whatever, and know that the falls are what lift you higher, the rocks are what challenge you more, so embrace it all and never ever quit. Dance on travellers!