Friday, May 11, 2018

Debauche this weekend!

Saturday 12th May 1pm SLT

Debauche return once more to the beautiful surroundings of the Tryst Ballroom.,
As always, so looking forward to performing in this wonderful setting. Always so much fun there.
Why not come join us?

Come see the show!


Sunday 13th May 12:45pm SLT

(15 minutes earlier so you can see a special opening solo act by one of our performers)

It seems so long since we played at our lovely , friendly home theater and we are doing just that this Sunday.
We all love our home. Every show there is wonderful, happy, exciting. 
Come join us on Sunday, get that home feeling
Debauche -  a little naughty, a lot sexy and ALWAYS classy !!!

Come see the show!