Wednesday, May 2, 2018

*NEW* Prop Me Up Challenge

Good day Kings and Queens! A new challenge is upon us! Prop Me Up is the new Dance Queens challenge.  For this challenge, you will be TP'd to a location, where you will be taken to a pile of boxes.  You will buy one of the boxes.  Inside that box will be a prop.  You must use that prop to inspire a dance, and use it in the dance as part of your set.  All props are different.

No one can know what the props are before buying their prop, they are all sold randomly.  The challenge is working with the prop you get.  The cost of buying the props will be zero lindens, as they have been funded by Web.  Participation in this challenge is limited to twelve people.  Due to this limitation, PLEASE do not sign up for this unless you are very sure you will be able to complete and perform your act.

If you think there is a chance you will have to pull out, please leave this challenge to someone who will be able to fulfill their commitment, as it is being limited, if too many people pull out, we will not have enough for a show.

Thank you, and let's make this as much fun as the previous challenges! Ready, Set, Go!

Contact: Web Sass to sign up.
Rehearsal Date: June 30th at 12pm SLT
Show Date: July 7th at 2pm SLT