Thursday, September 7, 2017

You gotta get up and try, and try, and try...

Everything has a beginning.
Whatever we do, we all got our start somewhere.
And when we did, usually someone was there, helping us along.
Teaching us all the moves, sharing all the tricks.
Maybe a box full of freebies to get started with.
An invite to perform in the background.
And then, one day, when you're ready.
It's time for the spotlight. It's time for the stage, front and center.

Debauche - August 5 2017

As I've said before, I'm not a dancer or performer or choreographer.
I'm a writer. I write stories.
Even though I'd published and podcasted them since 2005, I didn't read them in Second Life.
Until there was Voice, and I saw Shandon Loring and Caledonia Skytower and Derry McMahon of Seanchai Library reading stories at the Galaxy cruise ship.

shandon loring at galaxy

I figured what the heck, and read a few stories in the... was it a Clocktower then, or had I changed it to the Clocktree?
Doesn't really matter. Because what matters is that they inspired me, encouraged me, and when I got down on myself for some mis-steps, they kept me going. One a day, until.
All the people who have walked with me on this journey, the ones who went off on their own, the ones who still circle back now and then, and the ones who's journey has ended...
Nobody ever goes it alone.

Who helped you get your start?
When you wanted to give up, who inspired you to keep going?


  1. When I first started out in the heady world of SL dance, I was totally on my own. I had nobody to turn to for advice, nobody to teach me. Only myself. But I did have someone to inspire me, always, to try and try to be better. Severina, long before Debauche, was always there for me, encouraging, suggesting, adding so many ideas to what I was trying to do.

    She remains my inspiration, my driving force and my constant muse. Thank you Severina. For so much x

  2. I can easily blame Wildone Battitude (Wild) for getting me addicted, but since then? The list is soooooooooooo long! Eva Harley, Babypea, and a HOST of amazing dancers who are always generous with their time and encouragement! I hope I can someday corrupt. er... "encourage" someone as they have me.

  3. My other half was my original inspiration to start dancing, which was in Gor, and I did it because he loved it, and I loved how it felt to make him happy. He is still the main person to keep me dancing at times when I want to quit. No one has tossed me back into the dance pit or back on the stage more than he has.

    When I came to Mainstream dance, Lady C and Diawa were my mentors, Lady C for burlesque and Diawa for general mainstream dance. I have learned a lot from them both, and copy Diawa every chance that I get. She is a trend-setter and 'the first' to do so many things in SL dance. She is always thinking outside of the box.

    And, I learned more than just tips and tricks, technique, and protocol. I learned a lot from both those ladies about philosophy and how to handle difficulties, how to overcome certain things that can rain on our dance parade, and how to soldier on when things don't go right. Coping skills, we will call it. Which is a very important part of SL dance.

    Still have more to learn, and they are still teaching. Both of these ladies are so generous with their knowledge, skills and wisdom. They are proof that, "A candle loses no light from lighting another candle." One of my dearest and most-loved philosophical sayings.

    Right now, Web is inspiring me to keep dancing. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and I love working with her. She spoils me!

  4. Karma Lovenkraft,got me into performing,Chryblnd Scribe,got me into dance.Chry and,Meegan Danitz.
    Pretty much the entire dance community has supported me