Monday, September 4, 2017

Don't put another dime in the jukebox...

Music inspires us.
Music moves us.
And we move to music.

Then, there's that rare song that brings us all together.
It strikes a chord within us, every one of us.
Again. And again. And again.
Until we're sick to death of it.

Retire that song's number and give it a farewell tour...
Hand it a Second Lifetime Achievement Award and shove it offstage...
And, for God's sake...

For me, it's a certain song by Walk The Moon...

Just... so... damn... HAPPY! So... damn... ugh... can't... resist...


I think everybody's taken a whack at this lyrical pinata, and yet it's still swinging there from the tree, mocking and taunting all.

What song do you wish would vanish from the face of the grid?


  1. Disturbed version of Sounds of Silence! Yes, it's a classic song done in an incredible way but it's been done quite enough by now, thank you!

    1. ... and it totally messes up my cousin's original version!


  2. (I'm going to make this my phone's morning alarm. Because it'll wake my ass up, and it'll make me smash it so I'll finally get around to buying a Galaxy Note 8.)

  3. OMG WHAT JO SAID, she beat me to it: "Disturbed version of Sounds of Silence! Yes, it's a classic song done in an incredible way but it's been done quite enough by now, thank you!"

    If I see this danced one more time... finger down the throat, turning volume DOWN, going for a toilet break.

  4. Jo, I'll see your Disturbed - Sounds of Silence and raise you a Tito and Tarantula - After Dark.

  5. edit: The above was specifically for dance, but around the grid in general? Anything by Nickelback and LadyGaga

  6. I think it would be interesting to do a one-song show, where each act uses a different version of the same song. Even if each choreographer had the same version to work with, each would put their own spin on it, but the song is a major part of the performance. I agree that some songs are used too frequently.

    I would agree with the room and put Disturbed's Sound of Silence at the top of the list. And I agree with Fuki on After Dark. Here's a few more...

    Shape of You - Ed Sheeran
    You Can Leave Your Hat on - Joe Cocker
    Closer - NIN
    Animal - Neon Trees
    Chandalier - SIA
    Radioactive - Imagine Dragons
    The list goes on for quite a while.

    Here are a few alternative versions to check out - and while your at it check out their youtube channels for other covers:

    Shape of You - Walk off the Earth
    Shy But Flyy - (You Can) Leave Your Hat On
    Closer - '70s Funk Cover ft. Kenton Chen (Postmodern Jukebox)
    Animal - Minor Key - Chase Holfelder
    Chandelier - Puddle's Pity Party
    Radioactive - Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix

    Have Fun