Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Heart of Danceness

The Writer's Surrender
You know how in the movie Apocalypse Now, shit gets weirder and weirder the deeper that Williard goes upriver to seek out Colonel Kurtz?

Sometimes, I feel like that as I travel deeper and deeper into the meta-community of Second Life dance performance.

The people you come across… the performances… the venues… stranger and stranger… and pretty soon, you find that you’re a stranger to yourself.

Who am I?
What the hell am I doing here?
Why am I doing this?

The stories people tell you, the history and the dynamics and the drama.

I’ve said this before, but will say it again…

The Law of Triangles:
A likes B
B likes C
A hates the shit out of C

Sometimes, you’re A. Or B. Or C.

Accept that as law. Deal with it.

So, there’s a history there. Some folks were here or there, set out on their own or banded together with others. Groups come and go, some endure. They rise and fall over time.

Some of the classics are on YouTube, others are captured in photos in ancient Flickr albums, maybe a routine here or a promo poster there.

I can imagine an old avatars rest home, folks looking back at their digital careers, remembering when. Or a museum, their performances available in holography.

Will there be dance in Sansar? Will there be anything there, really?

What will remain, or do we only leave our footprints in the wet sand, erased in time?

The boat is coming up on the shore, and the natives are all out to watch us as we pull in.


  1. You make it so lots of us dancers will be remembered through fantastic photos and there are galleries besides DQ's Gallery to remember dance. The blog itself even when fully updated will have older photos and notices, troupe pics and logos of long since closed troupes/venues. I personally can't comment on Sansar, I have not visited. Great post grasshopper <3

  2. I've been in Sansar and my hope was dance would be there but I think it will be a long time coming. I personally believe that as long as we have those photos, videos and you tubes, we will always have a place in the history of dance in SL and will somehow inspire those that come after us.

  3. I think there is so much to remember, and people coming and going constantly, it is a bit futile to expect people in the future to remember people who danced 'back in the day.' There are just too many, and it is in constant flux. And who is to say who is *important enough* to remember, and who is *insignificant* and therefore forgettable? I think all people matter. All efforts matter. And that is just too much to memorialise.

    I think it is each individual's right, joy, and responsibility to tend their own memories in whatever manner they wish. I have my pictures on my external. And my YouTube channel though I can't be arsed making much effort in videoing most of my dances. Maybe someday I will get around to it. It is up to me to remember who and what is important to me, and it is up to each person to do the same. I do not expect anyone else to remember me, they have their own selves and loved ones to remember.

    We each must create our own histories and store the memories that are important to us. If people in the future do not remember me or know who I am, does it really matter as long as they are having fun and enjoying their SL dancing? I don't need a monument to myself, that is what my RL daughter is. She is my legacy. And if I am remembered for anything in either life, I want to be remembered for being a Mother. All else in my life is fleeting, including Second Life and dance.

    Perhaps I'm overthinking this. *snorts*

    Gawd I am no fun!