Saturday, September 2, 2017

Oh, look what you've done to this rock 'n' roll clown

Okay, so yeah, I shoot photos. But who cares, man.
What I want to know is who else shoots photos of Second Life Dance?
I know Elli does, and Sophie, and Hayden, and Laura and Sev, and Andy...
Here's one by Willo that I touched up for her for fun...

Playing a bit with Willo's photo...

And Web, too. Like, she’s only my sensei, right?
And she runs the hub. Lots of photos from lots of people there.
Anyone else out there? Who am I missing?
Who’s going to be IMing me with…
(Oh, baby, I still love you. I’m just bad about this stuff. Now gimme some sugar!)
I love it when folks catch moments I miss.
Or seeing the performance from their perspective.
Their preferences. Their angles.
Their settings.
I like to shoot in Midday while others actually listen to you guys and change to Midnight.
Seeing a performance literally through their eyes.
And the history.
Who used to be in which group.
And how they broke out and made it on their own.
Post their gallery SLURLs, Flickr sites, and other locations in the comments.
It’ll be fun. Like going through old photo albums.
With your grandma and grampa.
Back during the war. And the rationing.
That was your great aunt. She got hit by a bus when she was eleven.
You have her eyes. But you look both ways before you cross the street.
She didn’t.
See how fun this is?

Today's questions:

  • Other than my firehose on Flickr, where do you turn to for dance performance images and vids?
  • How do you use the photographs?
  • Ever gotten an idea for a performance from a photograph?
Fly that freak flag in the comments, baby!


  1. Toysoldier Thor! How could you forget him although he does fewer than he used to. Ginty Bachem. Sebastain Bourne has thousands of dance pics on his flickr site although he takes fewer now too. A lot of dance pics end up on Facebook which is great.

    I haven't taken any dance perfomance pics for a very long time, not since I came out of the audience, onto the stage, where I dare not risk crashing during a performance. But I still take dance related photos that are more staged. I did an SL exhibit once called the Joy of Dance with Ronda Saunders which was a mix of staged and actual dance situations around the grid.

    I loathe venues set to midnight and use my own choice of WL setting for watching as well as photographs. But I do light my own sets in case some of the audience actually do use midnight.

    1. Toy's photo of Meegan as a mime is one of the best I've ever seen. I need to check out Seb... URL?
      I think I've got yours too.


    2. gasp! don't loathe!?..i think we should establish a slandered,and it should be to set to midnight..IMAGE and my self(when i venture about)use lighting and lighting effects alot. so not having the venue set to midnight is like walking with a flash light on in the day time....but watching a performance with no thought given to lighting is ...sad to put it nicely.. when setting up at a venues,add ambient light and add then to your rezzer.babypea has this down pretty good ,so if you have any questions her ph# is 555-4321, light can be used..if its off.and i think its up to the performer and owner,and or managers to over see that its done.: just me

  2. I use Sunset as a rule, I don't have to worry about unlit dancers and sets, now if only there was an ankle lock fix on my viewer lol. And when I decided to build and curate a gallery for Dance Queens is likely when I stopped photographing every show. There are many talented photogs out there with way better equipment than I have, so I take less. I think Jo's photos are fantastic since she was commenting, and in the gallery too! I wish more people would come by and see the gallery but I cant drag 'em. Always looking for more wow shots for when the photo's rotate so I'm hoping lots of replies grasshopper! Good blog post!

  3. Facebook, to remind me how good everyone looks...that look good. i cant recall but im sure i have.

  4. I'm creating a formal list at