Saturday, September 2, 2017

Oh, look what you've done to this rock 'n' roll clown

Okay, so yeah, I shoot photos. But who cares, man.
What I want to know is who else shoots photos of Second Life Dance?
I know Elli does, and Sophie, and Hayden, and Laura and Sev, and Andy...
Here's one by Willo that I touched up for her for fun...

Playing a bit with Willo's photo...

And Web, too. Like, she’s only my sensei, right?
And she runs the hub. Lots of photos from lots of people there.
Anyone else out there? Who am I missing?
Who’s going to be IMing me with…
(Oh, baby, I still love you. I’m just bad about this stuff. Now gimme some sugar!)
I love it when folks catch moments I miss.
Or seeing the performance from their perspective.
Their preferences. Their angles.
Their settings.
I like to shoot in Midday while others actually listen to you guys and change to Midnight.
Seeing a performance literally through their eyes.
And the history.
Who used to be in which group.
And how they broke out and made it on their own.
Post their gallery SLURLs, Flickr sites, and other locations in the comments.
It’ll be fun. Like going through old photo albums.
With your grandma and grampa.
Back during the war. And the rationing.
That was your great aunt. She got hit by a bus when she was eleven.
You have her eyes. But you look both ways before you cross the street.
She didn’t.
See how fun this is?

Today's questions:

  • Other than my firehose on Flickr, where do you turn to for dance performance images and vids?
  • How do you use the photographs?
  • Ever gotten an idea for a performance from a photograph?
Fly that freak flag in the comments, baby!