Tuesday, September 5, 2017

All dance and no play...

It's easy to get obsessed on things.

Start with one performance, move on to the next, and pretty soon all you're doing is performing and putting together the next performance.

At some point, you're going to snap.

(Somehow, BabyPea will turn this GIF into something sexy and awesome.) 

When I'm not shooting dance performances, I'm either writing or finding new things to add to my orrery homage to science fiction. Chopper came by the other day and had some great suggestions, and I added a few of them...

(See the Enterprise up there?)

When you're not feeding the Second Life Dance Performance meat grinder, what keeps you logged in?


  1. That's an easy one...shopping!and a little Skipee! and shopping...

  2. My Girl, my friends, shopping, before my girl it was shopping for sex,MP for days, poking around in the inventory putting outfits together. I used to be more social..(visit) but nobody likes to just ..visit anymore so..ya..*points up

    1. Some of us do still like to visit and do still do that, sit around on couches and chat. *Points back down*

  3. Don´t think I would be logged in if I didn´t have something brewing for an upcoming show.

  4. Well my answer to this is one word really: Web.