Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Crossroads

I go to a lot of dance performances.
However, sometimes there’s multiple performances at the same time.
Group A regularly appears at 7PM on Saturday.
Group B regularly appears at 7PM on Saturday.
Which do I go to?

Well, it depends…
Which group is on the Dance Queens calendar?
Which group will perform more unique never-to-be-seen-again acts that night?
Which group do I capture better images from?
Which group has liked and faved those images more? (Yeah, I’m a whore.)
Which group has the most yellow dots on the mini-map?
Which group has the least red dots on the minimap?

Then, slug it or fuck it, I toss a coin.
Heads is A, Tails is B.
Arbitrary decisions are best left to arbitray means.
Problem solved.
And if anybody bitches, they’re welcome to send me a coin that’s both heads or tails for the next show. (Gold, Platinum, or Palladium.)

Royal Opera Ballet - Vikings - August 27 2017

(To pay off the Viking Horde, of course.)

Some folks say that I should fire up another viewer on the second monitor so I can attend both shows.
No. I firmly believe that if you’re at more than one place, you’re nowhere.
Life is about opportunity costs.
Deal with it and move on.

Inanna Burlesque - August 27 2017
(FYI, that's a unicycle seat, you naughty people.)

How do you handle multiple shows at the same time?