Sunday, March 17, 2013

DANCE QUEENS Restructuring - Update 3

DANCE QUEENS Restructuring - Update 3 (130317)

This is the third update note about progress in the restructuring of the DANCE QUEENS Group. The initial note, update 1, update 2 and the voting results should be read first.

We are nearing the end of the restructuring process and I am pleased that soon we will have the disagreements and drama of the last three months behind us and again we will concentrate on the fun of dancing.

Diddy Hyun, Naiki Muliaina and Zhaza Zerbino (DD, Naiki and ZZ) have been working together and have shared a bit with me of their plans. I know they have been talking with many of you and I hope you are giving them your ideas and support. They certainly have mine. I suspect that we will know more of where they are leading us once the transfer of leadership is finished on March 30.

Progress is also being made on the transfer of responsibilities to the volunteer Managers. You may have noticed that the postings to the blog over the last couple of months have been lower than the months before that. As the Managers assume their responsibilities I think you will see the postings both increase and return to the same level of valuable content that you had seen previously. Of course there will be some glitches, but please give a some leeway to the Managers as they take over the various informational areas of DANCE QUEENS and begin to put their own style and emphasis in place.

I have received quite a few really kind and heartfelt notes from DQ members. It really makes me feel so good about the Group and how so many people have been helped by DANCE QUEENS. As my time of leadership draws to a close, I am feeling some loss like my baby growing up and leaving the nest,  but it is more than balanced by the thoughtfulness of so many people and the friendships I have formed here.

As I look across SL I do not know of any other Group that has successfully been run in the way that we are setting up DANCE QUEENS. Let me rephrase that. I don't know of any group that has been run successfully or not in this way. I know in RL these types of organizations work, so I have great hopes for success here. DANCE QUEENS is all about the fun of dancing in SL. I think we all know that dancing is both broad and deep here and DQ helps make dancing more of a pleasure.

I expect one more post on March 30 on this subject and then 'the fun begins' again.