Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Treats on the Barre Sim!

Hi DQ Members!!

Barre Classes will start up again April 7th, we might sneak in a few before then.

As a thank you to all our friends and the RR group we are having a small Easter Egg Hunt on the Barre Sim!

There are a total of 6 eggs with goodies (including skins for your Barre Hud!!!) for everyone! Get them before they *poof*!

Clues for the Eggs:
Egg 1 - I'm wishing.....for the one ...wait .. I'm egg 1!
Egg 2- Murky water and lily pads lays number 2 ...
Egg 3- Behind a hud, down at the school  you see...I'm the egg called number 3.
Egg 4- I'm on a boaaaaaatttttt ....down by the shore...see now see...I'm number 4!
Egg 5- This is where you get your jump and jive....come find me...I'm number 5!
Egg 6- Down at the dock, I stare at some sticks....cause you see I am number 6!

Enjoy!  =)

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