Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spot-On meets Barre!

Spot-On meets Barre!

*Did you know you can merge technology of the Barre Hud with your Spot On Choreography Mover?

Say you are doing a group performance with two groups: Group 1
(3 girls) & Group 2 (2 guys).

Here are the steps to add the Barre Inviter script to your Spot-On Mover pads.

I. Rez a Group Barre Inviter poseball & remove the script

-Rez a Group Barre Inviter poseball from your Barre hud or from the Barre Pose Ball Pak for 3.03G included with the hud package contents folder

<===In the picture I rezzed a Group 1 - Barre PoseBall V3.03

Note: it does not matter what group number poseball you choose to rez.

- Right click & open the ball then drag the script (Barre_Invite 1.1 30.01g) from the ball to your inventory Scripts folder

- You can delete the ball or take it back into your inventory (the ball is copy modify)

II. Rez your Spot On Mover pads & transfer the Barre Inviter script

- Rez your Spot On Choreography Mover circles (default - purple color) containing your "pre-designed" Movement Card.

  - Right click and open the mover pad. 

- Transfer the script (Barre_Invite 1.1 30.01g) from your inventory into each Spot On Mover pad
-Go to the General tab in the edit menu and write the Group # ONLY (ex/ 1 or 2) in the description area (you should only see the group # when finished)
Tip: I recolor my pads for the different groups to make it easy to distinguish who sits where. As shown in the picture...girls are in Group#1 so they are colored pink; guys are in Group #2 so they are colored blue.

III. Ask your posers/dancers to sit & accept invite

- The Spot On Mover pads will now invite the dancer to their assigned groups when they sit

- Start the groups sequence on your Barre Hud & hit the Play button on your Spot On Hud (or if you have already added the chat commands to your groups sequence nc, you can just hit start on your Barre Hud. Full details on how to do that are located here:, at the very bottom under Optional and Advanced Features - Using your System with a Dance Hud)

DANCE move DANCE...and have fun! woot \o/

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