Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Blonde Bond Sayin' Hi!

It took me a few days to sit down and start writing this, a plethora of ideas and thoughts going through my mind. However, tonight is a quiet night. The snow is falling in the sim I'm in and it's nice to just sit and relax, taking it all in and turning my thoughts toward a reflection of one of my two passions in Second Life.

One of my passions is photography and lord love a duck, I could go on about that for hours, but the other is dance. Gorean dance. Cabaret dance. Emoteless dance. Emotes-only dance. I love it all. I started dancing years and years ago on a pole and I will always remember that first emote. "/me shakes her ass.". Yep. I admit to a humble beginning. *laughs*

I left the stripper life behind as most of us do and pursued other interests for a few years before settling down in Gor. A chance to role play. A chance to pursue interests in a lifestyle choice I happen to love. A win/win situation. And about a year and a half ago, my then Owner told me I was to write a dance.

 I had absolutely no idea. Write a dance?!?! Uhmm.....well, what's a girl to do other than leap to action.

So the dance groups were joined, the arms outstretched in pleading motion toward others to help a girlie out. "You have to have emotes".  What sort of emotes? "You have to have animations".  Where in the world do I get those? "You have to use this kind of music" Whhhyyyyy? "You have to have so many emotes, in such and such a time limit, with such and such a message". HELP!

And finally, I had it. My first dance. First dance without the use of a stripper pole. My first animations, compliments of a trip to A&M, and my first eleven emotes of me shaking and jiggling to da music. And, despite all of the questions, the hair-tearing, the craziness.....I fell in love. And aside from a short break in May of last year, I've danced pretty much every weekend since then.

One of the interesting things about me is I am a blonde in Second Life. And boy, does the hair color match the personality. I'll get on a topic and then go to another one only to come back to the original and for me, it always ties in. My friends and audiences....well, most of the time they can follow. *chuckles*

That being said, if I happen to go off on one tangent and forget to return to the original point, please feel free to drop me an IM or notecard and ask any questions you might have.

I also open up my home to anyone who wishes to see a Gorean dance. I'll discuss a bit more in depth what a Gorean dance is to me, and a few other Gorean dancers have also put in their thoughts upon the matter, but if anyone wishes to see a Gorean dance with the music, animations, costumes, etc., I again invite you to send me an IM or a notecard and we'll find a good time to do a demonstration.

I have to thank Lilangels Resident for giving me the idea. She came to me for photography, and when she saw the announcement in Dance Queens about my becoming a columnist, she came to me and started asking questions. And I was pretty happy. A victi...erhmm..a volunteer to bounce examples and explanations off of. However, it wasn't really until I showed her a true Gorean dance that she looked at me and said "Wow. That is not something I could never do, but it was amazing!".

I disagreed with her about the "I could never do that". Gorean unique within the dance community, but it is not impossible.

However, enough rambling! Let's get down to what Gorean dance is and why in the world I call it unique. Stay tuned for my next post! *chuckles*

Until next time!

Kamini (Catalina Staheli)