Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dance Dance Dance!

March 2013
Hello all you SL dancers! Are you seeing signs of springtime?  or autumn? Enjoy!
Let's see what is new on YouTube....

by MeerkatMachinima
... single dancer in a Steampunk setting with sensual music

Second Life Pinup Girls Live in Bar KINGs
by Second Life Pinup Girls Live in Bar KINGs
... performance in SL with a variety of dance steps and music

Virtual Gangnam Style Dance Machinima
by valibrarian
... non-syncronized dancers with some video effects, good feel to it

Flash Mob SL
by andcalatun
... happy group of furries dancing in different settings

(cannot embed) http://youtu.be/QJjyICyyLyY

and some great pics from the Cutie Awards
by Leko


bye until next time.....  and keep to the beat!
(send your video links to skyspinner.soulstar at gmail.com