Friday, March 8, 2013

Didds, ZZ and Naiki Speak

Didds, ZZ and Naiki Speak 130308

Hi everyone!?

I for one welcome our new insect overlords.

Wait... Wrong speech thing hang on....

Roit! Here we go! Thanks everyone! Wow that’s encouraging! Didds, ZZ and I are stunned at the vote! Thank you! Order of the day. Well, your stuck with us for at least a year I reckon. What have you voted into power? :) 

We all feel there’s a few things we would like to see in DQ, and we are not sure where to start, Nottoos a hell of an act to follow so give us some time aye :) We know DQ isn’t going to be the same without Nottoo, but then really, DQ in 2013 isn’t like DQ from 2012, or 2011, and heck it certainly isn’t like the DQ of 2010 which was a free dance routine when one was submitted in notices every few days and that was it. :) So its not going to be the same going forward.

We all see Dance Queens as something that’s just there to help folk interested in SL dance. We would like to keep DQ running along those lines. Couple of things we have spoken about all seem to be along the lines of getting dancers together more. Be it with short shows with multiple groups in, or just holding a 'hi, how are ya' dance party thing at a different Dance Queens venue every other week. We have other ideas and are open to any suggestions. So I guess that’s the direction we will head in.

As for the big festivals and the cuties, well, we will see. Strikes us that everyone is terrified of running them, I guess Nottoo had big balls on that front :)

So yeah, that’s a big thank you to you all, and thats the direction we want to go in :)

Thanks gang!

Didds, ZZ, & Nai