Monday, March 25, 2013

Fusion Dance Crew Presents OUTER LIMITS

OUTER LIMITS at Fusion Performing Arts Center  130325

Felicia Ibanez of Fusion Dance Crew sent the following invitation.....


Saturday, March 30, 1PM SLT @ The Fusion Performing Arts Center

Fusion Dance Crew takes you to the outer reaches of the universe where no one has danced before, we think, LOL!

Science fiction is an interesting genre, as we all have seen in movies, TV series, and of course, books. This genre communicates "truths" and "messages" about the human condition in a very entertaining way.  Fusion Dance Crew with its ability and talent of pushing the boundaries of SL dance productions created this show using stories, music, props, costumes, jaw-breaking special effects & sets, and of course, dance animations! 

Come see: Global, Starman, Avatar, Home, Robot Escape, Men In Black, Venus In the Morning, and the grand finale: Twilight Zone.

Here is your LM. Hope to see you there this Saturday.  Arrive early. Take a seat & enjoy the show.