Wednesday, March 27, 2013

To new dance sequences...and beyond! *Cheers*

Hi DQ members! *taps the mic nervously...yikes, feed-back* lol >.<

I am the new sequence manager...and I hope to NOT let you all down. :)

I have some ideas for collecting new dance sequences (mainly from the group at large), very open to everyone's participation and/or feedback about them.

I. New Quarterly SL DQ Dance Event - "So you Think you Can Choreo?"...
- This event will be similar to the previous "DANCE QUEENS Choreography Shows". It is a more formal process for acquiring stellar dance sequences...allowing for participation from the entire SL dance community.
 - The event will be solely centered on dance technique, inspiration, & creativity.  (no sets or emoting...costumes are optional) It will be judged by a group of experienced dance peers & leaders.
- "Optimistically" anticipating a large group of members wanting to we will have to isolate only a select few for actual posting on the DQ blog, based on a fair judging system. There will not be a single winner, but several winners (actual # TBD - based on available prizes, judges, etc). Everyone and anyone will have a fair chance at winning. The winners must agree to have their sequences posted on the DQ blog (along with pictures or video) to share with the SL dance community.
 - I plan to reach out to heads of various dance troupes registered with DQ very soon to gather a list of potential "recommended" rotating judges for this talent event. They will be chosen based on experience and availability for judging events.
 - I have already reached out to most of the major SL dance animation stores for assistance in supporting this event. So far I am getting very positive feedback. (Thank you!)

II. On continuing Nottoo's regular "informal" postings of dance sequences...
- DQ members, as you well know...our Nottoo was a "superwoman"...and Marissa, well...she is more human than super. *LOL* As of today, Nottoo has collected 432 dance sequences in total. (WOW WOW WOW)
- I will need your help to continue this Dance Queens tradition. If you have sequences you wish to share with the group, please send them to me via nc with corresponding pics or video. (Thank you in advance)

III. Whats new & HOT in SL Dance....
- I look forward to getting news on the latest dance animations, tools, and equipment to you asap.
- I would ask the Animation store owners to please be in contact with me if you need your information posted to the DQ blog. I am in majority of your groups, but due to group limitations, capped notifications, etc....I do not wish to intentionally overlook anyone. :)

 p.s. whew...first post out, takes in a deep breath. :)