Monday, June 11, 2012

Thinking About SL Dance History

Thinking About SL Dance History 120611

I have been having some fun thinking about the history of SL dance. So far my thinking has been limited to using Google. I have yet to contact any of the names associated with early dancing ... the people who made the anims long ago or ran the clubs. But, even with Google alone, you can find some interesting things.

Here is a Second Life ad from 2003, Take a look at the animations and the sexy avatars ...

There is a history of SL and inside some information about when resident-created animations became available (June 2004).

Here is an article titled My life as an exotic dancer in SL from the Alphaville Herald on 28 August 2004. It's a fun read.

Read this forum from 2003 and 2004 about animations in SL. The dances they are raving about I think are the salsa real dances that are found in the DANCE QUEENS Lousy Dance Pack. Owen Khan in this thread is the long-time owner of Owenimations.

You definitely will enjoy the 2004 winner of the Second Life's New Moves for a New World animation contest ... the video Thriller by Ulrika Zugzwang ... really pioneering stuff.

The Wiki on Arts in Second Life mentions Ballet Pixelle and Inarra Saarinen as the first professional performing company in SL in 2006.


Two months ago I ran an ad for an investigator of SL Dance History. One person expressed interest but she didn't have time to do the investigating by interviewing people. If anyone is interested, please IM me.