Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Beehave Sells Illegal Dances on SL Marketplace

Beehave Sells Illegal Dances on SL Marketplace 120613

Today, I had this exchange with a DANCE QUEENS member. I have replaced her name with ABC so she doesn't have to deal with the negativity associated with reporting illegal dance sellers.

[05:02] ABC: hi Nottoo
[05:03] Nottoo Wise: hi ABC xxx
[05:03] ABC: i've come across some possibly illegal items on marketplace, i don't see an inworld location for them though
[05:03] Nottoo Wise: do u have the url
[05:04] ABC:[layout]=gallery&search[category_id]=&search[sort]=&search[per_page]=96&search[keywords]=&search[price_low]=&search[price_high]=&search[prim_count_low]=&search[prim_count_high]=&search[copy_permission]=0&search[modify_permission]=0&search[transfer_permission]=0
[05:04] Nottoo Wise: ty i will check it out
[05:04] ABC:
[05:04] ABC: the same items on both
[05:05] Nottoo Wise: the perfect dance HUD?
[05:05] ABC: 3fx dance pole and the hug and kiss deluxe
[05:05] Nottoo Wise: oh i see
[05:05] ABC: not sure what else
[05:05] Nottoo Wise: let me look at it
[05:06] Nottoo Wise: ty xxx
[05:10] Nottoo Wise: jazie1 is already on the illegal dance seller list
[05:10] ABC: ah
[05:10] Nottoo Wise: and it looks like beehave is selling the same thing
[05:10] ABC: yip
[05:10] Nottoo Wise: probably an alt
[05:10] ABC: i thought so too
[05:11] Nottoo Wise: i will add it to the blog
[05:11] Nottoo Wise: ty xxx
[05:11] ABC: yay
[05:11] ABC: you're welcome

So, the illegal dance makers are getting more creative. Now they are not only selling illegal dances that they copy from legitimate (though unresponsive) dance makers, they are using alts to increase their market presence.

(Nottoo steps on pedestal)

Of course this is not only allowed by the current Linden policy on copyrighted materials but also facilitated by the Linden selling website. Who suffers?
  1. The legitimate (though silent) dance makers whose property is stolen
  2. The dance users (us) who someday may lose our dances that we paid good money for and we get our HUDs messed up
  3. The other legitimate dance makers who lose market share to the illegals
(Nottoo steps off pedestal)

Of course, without illegal dance makers, where would I get so much investigative fun. Anyway, I added Beehave to the illegal dance list. Oh, and Beehave, please change your name to Misbeehave.