Tuesday, June 5, 2012

*** LA FIESTA***

*** LA FIESTA*** 120605

Caryl Meredith sent us this invitation ...


*** LA FIESTA***

"Each artist who creates a piece of music, a painting, or a movie has a message or an emotion that they wish to convey.

Dancers, as artists themselves, tap into that intent, and use the emotion within music, or a piece of art, as a vehicle to inspire (in spirit) the viewer.

This is what the Spirit Dance Company attempts to accomplish. Each dance says something. Each dancer, in turn, feels this energy and projects it to the audience during their performance"

(Caryl Meredith ~ Director/Co-Founder of Spirit Dance Company)

Come and feel, watch and explore!

In this Production you will find an experience in a range of human emotion,  -- Comedy, Sorrow, Grief, Heroism, Artistic Beauty, Celebration, Joy, Romance and deep Passion -- all wrapped in an element of just plain fun.
Ninety minutes of laughter and tears, with great traditional Latin music that will get your feet tapping, and make you feel you just want to dance. 

La Fiesta...

Saturday June 9th , 16th,  23rd,  30th, and  July 5th 
*** At 11:30 am SL ***