Saturday, June 2, 2012

Gorean Dance Contest

Gorean Dance Contest 120602

Maya Love sent this announcement ...


Greetings, Isle of Trans shall be hosting their first every dance competition. This competition is for only  kajirea or kajirus that have never performed before in a contest. ((meaning this is their first contest)) Your avi must be  at least 90 days old to perform. please if you have performed  before and are trying to slip by as an alt don't. let the new ones have a chance to come forth and dance. if you are caught you will be  ejected from the dance competition. the first 8 to sign up will dance with 2 alternate spots. Dance is to be no more than 10 minutes long

Isle of Tarns is holding a dance contest, it will be on June 17, 2012 from 9 am to 11 am slt, dancers should be there around 8:30 slt. Gorean Potarl Radio will be covering this event so please have music ready for me by June 11th so i can pass it to the broadcaster.

1st place 3,000L as well as a free Outfit from Belly Dance  Kawala props
2nd place 2000L
3rdplace 1000L

SL Name
Slave Name
Are you owned:

Permission from your Master/Mistress if owned:
Type of dance:
Name of Artist
Name of Song:
mp3 of the song and any instructions for the song  such  as play  song twice or what order the songs go in if more than one song

Please do not contact anyone at Goreans Portal Radio, If you have any questions regarding the contest please IM maya ((ShiAnn Quicksand))with any questions.

Thank you

Also please Girls those of you dancing keep your scripts under 85.  And for anyone that is attending please to help out our dancers leave your meters at home and all scripted items. this will help reduce lag and ward of the dreaded lag monster.


The maximum amount of points for each category listed.

Is the dancer within the 10 minute time limit?  (10 points)
Spelling / Grammar : (5 points)
Creativity (10 points)
Descriptiveness (10 points)
Sensuality/Beauty (10 points)
Emoting (10 points)
Is the dance a BTB gorean Dance   (10 points)