Friday, June 1, 2012

Pole Dancing Fun

Pole Dancing Fun 120601

A question was raised a few days ago in Group IM about a finish dance for pole dancing. No one knew of a finishing pole dance, but the question was met with some interesting answers and it all got me thinking about what you can do with a dance pole. So here are some ideas:
Add and Remove Dances
Here I am editing a 3FX dance pole. Long ago I bought the copy version, which I recommend. You can buy pole dances at a lot of places, and add them to the dance pole. Pole dances are centered on the pole so a dance pole from one maker can contain pole dances from another maker, for example, you can put Sine Wave or A&M pole dances in a 3FX pole, or in a Sine Wave pole.

In answer to the question Psyche Lunasea suggested using the poses from the non-MOCAP maker Poseur or BLue Goose as a finish dance. The ease in times are pretty short, but it is worth a try.

Add Scripts to Dance Poles

Since you can add dances to a dance pole, you can also add scripts. I chose a freebie show/hide script, which I picked up at Free Scripts (since it is full perm, I also added it to the Free Stuff Box at Dance Central)

I went home and added the show/hide script to my script folder in inventory, then put the script into the dance pole.

This script makes an object hide with "/9 hide" in chat or "/9 show to make it visible. Since the show/hide script only affects the prim where it is located, you either have to delink and remove the other prims of the pole (e.g. the base) or put the script in all of the linked prims. I chose to put the script in all of the prims.

Depending on the pole that you have, you may also need to make it "phantom" on the object tab of the edit window. This is so you can walk through the pole.

So now I have a pole that I can make visible when I want.

Dancing with the Pole

Now I can dance with my pole, visible or invisible, using the menu available in the pole.

(NOTE: Yes shoe fanatics, I know my 2005 shoes don't look good against the white, full brite background)

You also can orient the pole in a different direction. There is something sexy about some of those pole dance moves done at 90 degrees or upside down.

Multiple Poles and Pole Objects

Who said you can have only one pole? With copyable poles you can have as many as you want. Here is a pole party set that I made for a party last year:

This whole set I put in an XPOSE and can rezz it when I want it.

You can make pole objects. For example here is a pole dance platform with five poles.

I linked the poles to a platform with a rotation script in it, so the poles revolve around the z axis of the platform. This is fun for a group show or for amateur pole dancing night.

You don't have to keep the scripts in the pole only. You can put them into another object. For example, at the club that Riddle and I have (# TTOO Bar) you can pole dance on the wooden support beams without fear of thigh splinters.

You are only limited by your imagination.

Using Your Dance HUD

Since you bought copy pole dances, you can also remove the dances from the dance pole and put the dances into your Dance HUD (e.g. Barre, Huddles or Fleursoft). This opens different ways of pole dancing.

The easiest way is to get DANCE QUEENS Dance Sequence 229 - Pole Lust. Inside is a freebie Dance Pole with no anims or scripts, but it also describes how to rezz the pole from your HUD. The example is with the Huddles HUD, but you can also use the Barre and Fleursoft. Here is the sequence:

[NAME]Pole Lust|[rez:0:0:0.4219]DANCE QUEENS - Dance Pole (Color Changing)|3|Pole1;19.8|19.8|Pole10;11.08|11.08|Pole11;25.8|25.8|Pole2;22.1|22.1|

This rezzes a pole directly under you so the pole's x and y coordinates are the same as yours. So, when you initiate a pole dance with your HUD, you dance like you are on a pole using the poles anims, but you are using your HUD.

For the Huddles the key part is [rez:0:0:0.4219]DANCE QUEENS - Dance Pole (Color Changing)|3|. The rez is followed by the x, y and z coordinates in meters. Adjust the z coordinate to fit your avatar height. I am very tall so yours is probably less than 0.4219.

If you want to dance using your HUD on an existing pole that you own, there are a few ways to do it. 

The first is just to dance on an existing pole. Initially, you will dance the dance that the pole activates, but as soon as you start a dance using your HUD, since they are the same priority, you will dance your HUD dance. You can add other pole dancers and pole dance in sync if you want. Of course the pole's animation is also running, so if you stop the HUD dance, you revert to the dance pole dance.

A second way is to remove all the pole dances from the dance pole and put in only one anim like Standing, which is a low priority pose in the DANCE QUEENS Freebie Static Pose box in the Free Stuff Box in Dance Central. When you hop on the pole, you are standing with the pole coming out of your head. Not pretty.

So, I made in Qavimator a simple animation called standing back 0.5 m that you can use instead. Put this anim in the pole as the only animation. When you sit on the pole, you are standing about 0.5 m behind the pole. Since this anim is off-set 0.5 m from the center point, when you activate a pole dance from your HUD, you are then centered properly. Standing back 0.5 m is in the Free Stuff box.

A third way is to put a pose ball centered on the x, y coordinates of the pole. When you hop on the pose ball you are centered properly, but with the pole coming from your head.

Advanced Fun

The XPOSE and the DanceMaster both can rez and unrez objects. Unrezzing (derezzing) is not currently possible with the Barre, Huddles or Fleursoft HUDs. If you want to rez dance poles and remove them, you will need to use one of these systems. The Dancemaster also has the capability to move an avatar in a straight or curved line. With the DanceMaster you could have a dancer pole dance her/his way almost to the sky, for example


So, I hope this has given you some ideas of ways to have more fun with pole dancing.