Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dance as a Story

Dance as a Story 120616

Iliandra Allen and I had a short conversation today. She showed me an interesting video of a RL dancer who expresses himself through his dance. I think this is what many of us try to do with our SL dance. Here are the details:

[07:23:04] ili borgin (iliandra.allen): good morning Ttoo
[07:23:19] ili borgin (iliandra.allen): I have something quite moving I think you'll love to see
[07:23:23] Nottoo Wise: hi ili xxx
[07:23:31] ili borgin (iliandra.allen): may i share this with you
[07:23:39] ili borgin (iliandra.allen): it's so moving
[07:23:43] ili borgin (iliandra.allen): Is This One Direction in the Future of Dance? – (Hulu – May 25, 2012)
Dancer, Hampton Williams, demonstrates what he calls “exorcist style” dance in which he states that he interprets the pain and fear of others and then releases it. Based on the responses of the audience, his claim of being able to effect catharsis bears serious consideration
[07:24:38] Nottoo Wise: sure
[07:24:43] ili borgin (iliandra.allen):

[07:25:05] ili borgin (iliandra.allen): I shed tears througout this performance as did many in his audience
[07:25:06] ili borgin (iliandra.allen): xxx