Saturday, June 23, 2012

Henmations Releases Second Industrial Dance Series

Henmations Releases Second Industrial Dance Series 120623

Hendrik Schroder sent this to the Henmations Group today ...


Dear Customers,

the second Part of our famous Industrial Dance Series has just been released.
This comes with 20 additional Animations (31 in total now), real life performed by the "worlds best Industrial Dancer 2011/2012"...!!!

Please watch the Promo Video to learn more about the Dancer and the Production at Henmations Studios.

As usual each Animations comes with the HENMATIONS QUALITY PROMISE, no sliding Feeds, no slowdowns at the Loop-points, broked Arms or other Issues you may know from other Creators.

There is even a group exclusive FREE INDUSTRIAL DANCE (new one) available at the landing spot area in our Mainstore.. Go.. Get It!

Enjoy your Weekend and have a nice Dance :)