Saturday, June 2, 2012

SL Top Dances

SL Top Dances 120530

A few days ago I posted a blog note about Dance Ratings asking for ideas on how to set up a system. Aeryn Brooks commented on the blog and Diawa Bellic sent me an IM with her ideas. Thank you to both of them for thinking about the value of a system and how to do it.

As I have thought about the value of dance ratings and how we would manage it, I kept getting bogged down in figuring out the details to make any system operate. Details are things like how to get input, who should give input, do we rate by dance style, do we use a simpler numbering system (like 0 to 4), do we prevent dance makers from rating their own dances, and on and on.

So, I stepped back and asked the question, " Who would really benefit from a Dance Rating system?" Advanced dancers already know what they like. If they specialize in a specific type of dancing, probably they have already scoured the dance makers' stores and bought what appeals to them.

The value of dance ratings would seem to be greatest for relatively new dancers, who are just filling out their HUDs with the dances that fit them best. This is a fun thing to do to explore the different stores and try dances. It helps you understand what you want to emphasize in dancing. At the same time knowing what other dancers really like also gives insight into what to get.

So, I want to try a different approach. I am going to erase the dance ratings that appear on the spreadsheet at the next update. To replace dance ratings I want to try something that I will call SL TOP DANCES. Here is how I see it working:
  • About once a quarter, everyone will have an opportunity to identify their ten favorite dances or animations. We all have favorites and ten may be too few or too many, but we will start with ten
  • A form will be available on the blog for input of the ten dances. Of course, spelling counts since dances have very specific names.
  • After about a week I will close the entry form. For every dance identified one vote will be added to that dance's total. 
  • I will calculate the results and publish the results on the blog.
I plan to repeat this every three months because dance favorites change.

The results I think will look something like this:

swoon - 11
*Clio - 9
f_dance_20 - 9
My-R&B Dance-37 - 9
D1650-Stand.N (185cm) - 6
NINA4_Dance_AKEYO - 6
Sven_01_Dance_HUMANOID - 5
Push it - Animazoo dance 52 - 5
Puppet Master - 4
Slow-dance v3 - 3
SE_26_Final - 3
Off Me Face TIS - 2
middle man - 1
S4D_Body_232 - 1

Later this week I will publish the first form for you to enter your favorites.