Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Magic Carpet Dance - 2007 Style

Magic Carpet Dance - 2007 Style 120612

I get a lot of comments about the 2007-era shoes that I usually wear. One of the things about being a relatively old-timer in SL is that you find some things you just love. You can't abandon them to the Inventory Trash folder just because they are old. Today, I came across another 2007-era object in my Objects folder. It also is an old favorite. It's the magic carpet.

When Riddle and I were noobs in early 2007, he wowed me with this magic carpet ride. He would rezz this oriental carpet, hop on and automatically sit. Then he would invite me to join him. I sat next to him. Soon, we were both flying around the mainland sim on this magic carpet. It was a lot of fun and impressed me a lot.

So I rezzed the old magic carpet and took a seat.

Here I am ready for flying action. When you sit on the carpet you are given instructions in chat to ask for help if you need it. Really all you have to say is "start" in chat and then use the arrow keys and up or down to fly. It's a pretty simple flying carpet.

The magic carpet script uses the built in Linden animation for ground sitting, sit_ground, so when you sit on the carpet, there you are in a nice seated position. Since sit_ground both positions your avatar approximately right to stand on the carpet and is a low priority anim, this gives the opportunity for some 2007-era fun. Start flying, then put your dance HUD into action. You can dance your favorite dances while streaming through the skies of SL.

If you really want to impress your friends, invite them to join you. When they sit on the carpet, they line up with you in that same Linden ground sit. So, just add them to your HUD, then fly and dance in sync. Group belly dancing at 3000 meters anyone?

Here I am with my RL best friend Nottooo dancing in sync far above my sim Not2z.

I am putting the Magic Carpet in the Free Stuff box at Dance Central. It's called the Terra Magic Carpet5.

If you are really into mixing vehicles and dancing, you can probably make flying dance poles, boats with lap dance chairs or whatever your imaginative fantasy can dream up.