Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vista Has Twelve Day Promotion Sale

Vista Has Twelve Day Promotion Sale 111020

This is from the Vista group


What could be better than candy on Halloween? Yes, you guessed it, sales! 
Introducing the Terrorific Sales
Thursday, October 20 to Tuesday, November 1
During the remaining 12 days til Halloween, you will find a different AO each day at a "terrorific" 40% off regular price!!  WOW!!!
These daily terrorific sales will be at: 
VISTA Animations Mainstore -
Marketplace (perfect for gift giving!)

Witch AO will it be each day?  Just look for the 40% pumpkin sign on the AO of the day.  And to help you even more, here is the schedule.....

                                                        Thursday, October 20
WOMENS: Mocap Runway                                |               MENS: Unisex Sword AO

                                                        Friday, October 21
WOMENS:Dances-pop queen                         |               MENS: Male Model Poses - Pack 1

                                                        Saturday, October 22
WOMENS:Perfect Lady                                     |               MENS: The Coolest Man

                                                        Sunday October 23
WOMENS:Perfect Lady/Divine                       |              MENS: The Irresistible Man

                                                        Monday October 24
WOMENS:Dangerous Girl                               |       MENS: The Coolest/Irresistible Man Combo

                                                        Tuesday October 25
WOMENS:Sensual Woman                           |                MENS: Male dances pack

                                                        Wednesday October 26
WOMENS:Dangerous/Sensual                   |                MENS: Dangerous Man

                                                        Thursday October 27
WOMENS:Chica Boom                                  |                MENS: Urban Male

                                                        Friday October 28
WOMENS:Dance HUD with dances            |       MENS: Urban Male/Dangerous Man Combo

                                                        Saturday October  29
WOMENS:Sensual Woman (breath)         |                 MENS: Urban Male (breath)

                                                        Sunday October 30
WOMENS:Chica Boom breathing             |                  MENS: Guardian

                                                        Monday, October 31
WOMENS:Most Wanted                            |                   MENS: Male Model Poses - Pack 2

                                                        Tuesday November 1
WOMENS:Sweet Chica                              |                  MENS: Dance HUD (empty)

** Any questions or problems, please send an IM to Dolce Enderfield.  For delivery/transaction issues, please send Vista Barnes a notecard with transaction information.**