Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NHC Dances - Conversation with Silvio Runo

NHC Dances - Conversation with Silvio Runo 111019

A new MOCAP dance maker called NHC recently opened for business. NHC stands for National Home Center and is an established SL business for furniture. I contacted the owner, Silvio Runo, and asked him for his dance loop times. He provided them to me and that led to a conversation about dancing and his store. The highlights are:
  • The first 50 dances are a trial.
  • He is a software developer who has created software for cleaning up MOCAP dances.
  • He realizes the dance quality is lower than most other MOCAP dance makers and will improve it.
  • He plans to make more dances and will keep the prices very low (10L per dance).
  • He has a dance HUD that I will add to the list of HUDs to be evaluated.