Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dancing Tools - Rezzer

Dancing Tools - Rezzer 111011

When you are dancing sometimes you want to rezz specific objects. For example, in a show you may want to rezz a stage or a piece of furniture. In a club you may want to lead a group by dancing in a circle with pose balls. Of course, you need rezzing rights. There are several ways to rezz objects:

1. Rezz the object from your inventory - This is the simplest way. Once the object is rezzed often you have to adjust the position (x,y,z position) and rotation.

2. Put the object in an XPOSE - This is the method of choice when you want something rezzed on command and you want the rezzed item at a predetermined position and rotation.

3. Use a simple rezzer - This is like a carrying case for items ... click and the chosen object rezzes.

This note describes a simple rezzer that Naiki Muliaina found for us. I put two items in the DANCE QUEENS Free Stuff Box for you to get. One an example rezzer in which I put some items that might be useful for you. This called the DANCE QUEENS - Rezzer. The other is a box called the Holo-Emitter System, which contains the scripts and instructions you need to make your own rezzer.

Inside the DANCE QUEENS - Rezzer are:
  1. Three stages that Riddle made a long time ago for a music festival that we had.
  2. A choreography grid for you to use when making dance sequences.
  3. A 16-person dance circle good for having fun in a club.
  4. A 7-person pose ball set in a straight line good for Rockettes dancing on a stage, on a bar or anywhere.
You can make your own rezzer with the Holo-Emitter System and use it for your own stuff.

Thanks to Naiki for bringing this to us.