Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sync Dancing with Your INTAN

Sync Dancing with Your INTAN 111025

The INTAN is a great system for couples dancing anywhere on a sim. Many of us have one on our own sim or use the provided INTAN when we go to a club. If you own an INTAN, you can put many of the DANCE QUEEN Dance Sequences inside the INTAN and have the couple dance the sequence. This notecard describes how to do it.



Adding a DANCE QUEENS Dance Sequence to your INTAN is a two-step process. First, you have to add the dances that are in the sequence to the INTAN. If you buy copy dances, this costs you nothing since you can make unlimited copies of your dances.

Let's use DANCE QUEENS Dance Sequence 203 - Body Rubber as an example. There are four dances used in the sequence (GOGO_F_010, GOGO_F_019, GOGO_F_017 and Absynth_018) and the sequence from the notecards is:

[NAME]Body Rubber|Absynth_018|26.7|GOGO_F_010|28.5|GOGO_F_019|26.8|GOGO_F_017|25.1|[REPEAT]

So, first we put these four dances in the INTAN.

Second, we must set up our INTAN Notecard to place the dancers and set the playing of the sequence. The note 'Maximizing Your INTAN' describes the INTAN notecards and how to set them up.

Here is the entry that I made for the sequence for my INTAN notecard:

couple:Body Rubber;Absynth_018,26.7,GOGO_F_010,28.5,GOGO_F_019,26.8,GOGO_F_017,25.1;0;Absynth_018,26.7,GOGO_F_010,28.5,GOGO_F_019,26.8,GOGO_F_017,25.1;1,0,0,2;Sync

Let's examine the parts of the sequence.
  1. couple defines the line for the INTAN as a couples dance
  2. Body Rubber is the couples dance name
  3. The male sequence is next with the individual dances followed by the time for running each dance. The separator is a comma.
  4. Following the semi-colon (;) is the z-position of the male dancer relative to the rezzed male pose ball. Usually this is 0.
  5. The female sequence is next and is identical to the male sequence.
  6. Following the female sequence are four numbers that place the female relative to the male. For this example, I placed the female one meter to the right of the male and facing the same direction. The four numbers are 1,0,0,2. The 1 refers to the x coordinate and the 2 is equivalent to a rotation of 180 degrees so the female faces the same direction as the male.
  7. I added the term Sync so I could use the INTAN sorting capabilities to find the dance.
Once you enter the sequence on your INTAN notecard, save it.



 Hey, the fun part. Just find the sequence using your INTAN Dance Ball or HUD. I like to use the sorting capability of the INTAN, since I have so many dances in it. Click on the dance and you and your partner are dancing side-by-side the dance sequence.



If you want to place the dancers facing each other or in another position relative to each other, you only need to change the four numbers following the female dances. In the above example, we used 1,0,0,2. This places the female 1 meter to the right of the male and facing the same direction. Here are some other options:


This places the female one meter to the left facing the same direction as the male


This places the female one meter in front facing the same direction as the male


This places the female one meter in front facing the opposite direction of the male


Have fun,