Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rezzing Items with the Huddles HUD

Rezzing Items with the Huddles HUD 111019

This question was asked about rezzing items using the Huddles:

"Can you explain in a little more detail how to add rezzing objects like the shower into a NC so the Huddles does it automatically as part of the dance? I am NOT mathematically inclined, so a very simple explanation (if that is possible, lol) would be appreciated. I am assuming the numbers after the object name have something to do with their placement - how do you determine that ahead of time?"

The Huddles website mentions this capability very briefly. I have used rezzing as an option in a number of Dance Sequences, e.g. 184 rezzes a shower, 226 rezzes a table, 229 rezzes a dance pole, and 253 rezzes a bouncing tube.

Rezzing requires that the item you want to rezz be inside your Huddles HUD. Make sure the item is copy or you will only be able to rezz it one time. You add the item to your HUD just as you add a dance.

The format for using the rezzing command is:

[rez:x:y:z]Name of Item

The x, y and z refer to the distance in meters in the directions of x, y and z relative to your avatar's position. For example, to rez the bouncing tube I used:

[rez:2:0:1.8]DANCE QUEENS - Bouncer

This placed the root prim of the bouncing tube 2 meters in front of me (x direction) and 1.8 meters above me. There is no capability in the script for rotating the item.

There are several things to keep in mind when designing where you want the object to rezz.
  1. First is figuring out your position, which is where your pelvis is located. The object's root prim is rezzed relative to your pelvis' position. If you want to figure out what your avatar's position is relative to the ground, you can do so by rezzing at Linden water a DANCE QUEENS - Dance Ball Individual for Group (found in the Free Stuff Box). Edit the pose ball then hop on it. This lets you move the pose ball and your avatar at the same time. Adjust the height of the pose ball in the vertical (up and down) direction until your feet or shoes just touch the water. Look at the z position of the pose ball and subtract 20 (almost all Linden water is at 20.00 m). This gives you your z position relative to the land you are on or the top of the object you are standing on. Keep in mind that those sexy, really high heels increase your height, so the z position depends on the shoes you are wearing.
  2. Second is making the object rez in the orientation you want it. Nothing is worse than rezzing an object like a chair and it is upside down. What I have found is the best way to be sure is trial and error with the HUD. Put your original object in the HUD and rezz it. If the oreintation of the rezzed object is wrong, you will have to change the orientation of the original object that you put in the HUD, for example turning the original object 90 degrees before you take the original and place it in your HUD.
  3. Finally, you can calculate where you want the object to rezz. Face your avatar directly East. Plus numbers on the x coordinate are in front of you. A zero on the x is directly on you and minus x numbers are behind you. Y numbers are negative to your right and positive to you left. If you want to calculate it exactly, rezz the pose ball, edit the pose ball and hop on again. Rotate the pose ball to face exactly EAST.  Now, place the object where you want it to rezz. The difference between the x coordinate of the pose ball and the object gives you the x number and the difference in the y coordinate gives you the y number.
You can use trial and error all the way if you want. Rezz the object. If, for example, you want it further in front of you, increase the x number. If you want it more to the left, increase the y number.

One thing to keep in mind is the object won't rezz, if the distance of the root prim is more than 10 meters from you. Also, if you are leading a group, the object only rezzes for you.