Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pink Ladies VARIETY Show

Pink Ladies VARIETY Show 111008

Zhaza Zerbino sent us this information about the upcoming VARIETY Show ...

"ejsa ;o)

Now the time has come to get ready for another Variety show...
And we have already a nice filled up program!

12.45 The Full Package
1.30 Fusion Dance Crew
2.00 Diawa Bellic
2.30 kittens
3.10 Pink Lady Dancers
3.30 Lillie Woodells
4.15 Gypsy Quixote

The theme will be PIRATES! and i will make the variety field to a Pirate island.
That doesn't mean that your show has to be a pirate show of course!!

Then I would like to give you some INFO.

* I will from now on send Info about the Variety Shows in the "group notes" , so if you think that your dance group members need that info as well, please ask them to join the  Blue Lagoon Ranch. There are signs on the land you can click on to join the group, or you can invite others  when you are already a member.

* We have a home page
Its pretty new, but I will use it to update whats happening here on the Blue Lagoon ranch. Set in some pict from events and so, write events in the Calendar etc... So if you have a good pict from one of your shows here, or want me to put some short messages in the calendar, please send me your info and i will put it on the page.
You also can sign in as a member and write some info about yourself. Well... take a look for yourself and see what it is ;o)

* Something new I will try out is; at every Saturday i will open 2 slots ( 1.00 - 1.30 pm and 1.30 - 2.00 pm)  to anyone who like to perform in our Saloon.
It has a little stage and that's what you should use for your performance.
If you are interested, or know someone else who could be, please let me know.

Well... thats it for now...
More info about the Variety show will follow later.

I wish you all a nice time..

Knuzzer ZZ ;o))"