Friday, October 21, 2011

Ministry of Motion Offers Reselling

Ministry of Motion Offers Reselling 111021

Ministry of Motion (MoM) sent this notice yesterday to group members...


Hello All!

If you previously put in a request for a Ministry of Motion animation reseller’s vendor. They are now ready so you can sell our Mocap animations from your own land using a server system and a vendor that allows the customer to play the animations before buying. At the moment, there are 6 vendors with over 60 animations and multipacks inside. You get 30% of each sale – that L$75 for each Trans animation sale, L$150 for each Copy sale, L$600 for a  fat pack sale (Trans version)and a whopping L$1200 for a Copy version sale.

There is a nominal charge of L$500 per vendor. Why? Because vendors take up load on the servers, so we have to limit their usage to people who are serious about trying to sell our animations. They are very easy to set up, with simple instructions.
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