Friday, October 21, 2011

DANCE QUEENS Member Survey - 1109

DANCE QUEENS Member Survey - 1109

About once every six months I survey the members of DANCE QUEENS. This is the most recent survey results from September 2011.


Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey and send your opinions to me.
In this note I will review each survey question and add comments.


1. How many Dance HUDS are you wearing right now?

0 HUDs - 4
1 HUD   - 13
2 HUDs - 7
3 HUDs - 2
4 HUDs -
5 HUDs -

COMMENTS - I am not surprised that most people wear one HUD all the time. After all we are dancers. I am surprised that a high percentage wear two or more HUDS. Using multiple dance HUDs is a topic we have not covered in DANCE QUEENS, but will in the future.


2. What is the name of your main dance HUD (e.g. Huddles, Fleursoft, Barre, INTAN, TIS, etc.)?

Huddles - 20
Fleursoft - 1
DB Group Dance - 0.5
Henmations - 0.5
Vista - 2
Poetry of Dance (Barre) - 1

COMMENTS - I am not surprised that the Huddles EZ Animator Delux is used by the vast majority of DANCE QUEENS members. It was the first really advanced HUD and once you have it loaded with dances, it is hard to consider other HUDs. There are other HUDs that some members use.  I have put together a methodology for comparing Dance HUDs and soon will ask for help in completing a comparison.


3. Approximately how many animations do you have in your main dance HUD right now?

Not Many

COMMENTS - Yes, there are some power dance users in DANCE QUEENS as well as some beginners. At approximately 1 USD per animation, this is a lot of money that has been invested in dancing. The median number of dances is 300, which is a good target number to be able to perform under most any circumstances.


4. Do you use mainly freestyle or sequenced choreography?

Freestyle - 9
Sequenced - 12
Both - 2
Neither - 2
Other - 1 (Choreography)

COMMENTS - I am surprised by the number of people who use Freestyle choreography. I will work on providing more information about Freestyle choreography in future DANCE QUEENS notecards.


5. Have you led others in dancing in the last week?

Yes - 19
No - 7

COMMENTS - No surprises here. We are the people who love to dance and attract others with our dancing.


6. Have you ever danced in a show or festival?

Yes - 18
No - 7

COMMENTS - I was a little bit surprised here. With so many dance groups among the DANCE QUEENS members, I expected close to 100% participation in at least one show.  Of course not everyone wants to be in a dance group. Even so, I think more information on forming dance groups or joining dance groups will be helpful.


7. Approximately how many animations have you bought in the last month?


COMMENTS - This fits the pattern of total dances in the HUD.


8. What is your favorite MOCAP dance maker and briefly say why.

*A&M- Large variety of styles, go smoothly into other dances
*A&M MOCAP ... I like their dances... they are pretty natural and smooth moves..
*A&M S4D myanimations, mainly because i can usually find a good variation
*Henmations ... also smooth and long lasting moves.
*MyAnimations - variety and quantity
*All - always impressed
*A&M  good service and a good  style of dances.. (My animation and Tis a close and joint2nd)
*A&M - Always good quality and good variety.
*Kami-Hitoe for Merrow Dances and MyAnimation MoCap
*My Animations because it is organized well.
*A&M Mocap.  Their dances are smooth and long.
*My Animations - The animations seem most life-like and the selection is great. The store is well organized, free of pointless clutter and  makes shopping a pleasure.
*MyAnimations--they're sexy without being slutty--i find them more subtle
* I don't know that I have a favorite
*A&M - love their style and Jariah
*A&M, I like their dances.  I also like MyAnimation.  I'm still shopping, though.
*I have several but I stay with the ones  4D Studio, A&M, Hernmation, VistaDance - can find what we need and the product seems to be more realistic
*A&M Mocap_because the times are given, dances are varied and always useful
*I guess SD4 I have most of my dances from them.
*MyAnimations...I like the animations and the store layout and support
*A&M ,cause of there wide range of  dances and the quality of them..4DS also..which i use a lot
*A&M has very smooth dances.
*A&M Mocap - very fluid, lots of styles, easy to shop - low lag store
*Ministry of motion, PJ in Love is the only dance I have bought.
*no fav

COMMENTS - A&M clearly takes the most favored spot with MyAnimations second.


9. What is your least favorite MOCAP dance maker and please say why.

*Henmations- Store isnt organized into styles
*Ministry of Motion - the store
*MyANIMATION they have some good dances... so i can not understand why they also still sell the bad ones they have...
*sinewave .......because they have lost interest and not bringing out any new dances
*Henmation  awful customer service i received means i will never use them again.
*I have two - Sinewave and Ministry of Motion - to damned hard to find anything
*Ministry of Motion - The dances seem good, but I hate shopping there. There is so much visual clutter and over-use of GLOW. The place hurts my eyes and my camera constantly gets hung-up in pointless clutter floating in the air. Signs and dance labels are hard to read.
*There in Spirit - love the dances - but I can never find them easily at all - always hard to find a dance I'm looking for  there - even their help robot doesn't help at all.
*Ministry of Motions - impossible to get around too much lag and unnecessary items which have no purpose.  simple is always better.
*TIS: never updates
*Hemanimations....because they do not label their dances on the sales floor.
*MoM   there just poorly made
*3fx - new dances added very infrequently
*Sinewave. Got lost in their shop once and attacked by an army of jackelopes >.~ Animations wise, I cant say, I dont shop enough for dances to know the worst one.
*None I would say at the moment
*Not sure, so I am leaving it blank
*Not sure
*I don't know
*None yet.
*no fav
*I dunno..  might find something at each place.

COMMENTS - Several are mentioned, but there is not one clear worst MOCAP dance maker.


10. Do you have a dance system (e.g. INTAN, TIS) and what kind?

None - 13
Both - 1
TIS - 2
Other - 1 (DB); 1 The theatre has  a simple 'touch to dance' machine if thats what you mean?

COMMENTS - INTAN was the first to offer a system and clearly is the most popular. I was a little surprised that most DANCE QUEENS members do not own a Dance System. I have also created a methodology for comparing Dance Systems and have almost completed a comparison of the INTAN and TIS systems. I will send it out soon.


11. What is the most useful part of DANCE QUEENS?

*the sharing of informations , and dance festifities to share
*Helpful tips, exposure to other groups
*All info you send out is useful... maybe not all for me... but im sure for others it is
*to stay in touch with the dance world of sland to helpeach other out with problems
*the cards with info on how to do stuff
*Advice on how to better utilise dance systems and the willingness of others to openly share their knowledge.
*I just joined, I hope to see to find more creators of dances for mermaids
* I like the sequence cards.
*Leanring about animation possibilities
Hearing about dance groups and where they are performing
Nottoo is always willing to help you if you need it
*Nottoo - a genuine expert, a great organizer, and a true inspiration. Also, "How To" notecards, lists of dances and sources, commentary/ratings on animation makers, animation timeing lists, dance group and event lists, sequences, etc.
*Well....that I'm saving all this wonderful information up for the future?
* I love the dance set up NC's you send out.. I just never get a chance to try them
*Sharing knowledge about dancing - love the sequences.
*I like weekly announcement of events.  One-stop shopping for info.
*info where to buy animations
*The information is always relevant and help is always available as are lessons.
*DUMB QUESTION  - - everything.  In truth you outdo yourself .  Wish I had more time to help create dances to pass around  (Always a major thank you for all you and everyone else does)
*Dance sequences and news about dance makers and the compilation of dance times
*The updates and dance sequences
*the network of dancer's
*Being able to ask questions of the group and getting HELP
*The tips for using Huddles
*My rabble are really into dance, I am not, DQ helps me keep... Err.. In contact with the dance world?

COMMENTS - Most of the things people like are what I have been trying to emphasize: sharing and the network, events, sequences and getting help


12. What is the least useful part of DANCE QUEENS?

*Dance Ratings
*lost notes
*For me personally is the classes, but only because I am not able to utilize them due to my work/sleep schedule XD
* for me its the sequences ... when i never use them
I also must say at im glad for at you changed the group note writing... when i also thought it was to much!
*not sure there is one
*Its all good
*Can't think of anything
*SPAM in group chat, but Nottoo has done a good job reducing abuse.
*It's useful, everything, even when I'm not using it. It's too good to not save.
*I can't think of any
*Pointers to events - I like seeing the announcements, but I never go see any of them (too busy with my own dancing and more)
*The fact that said weekly announcement is horribly out of date.  I stopped by a number of the events listed in it for last Saturday and many were not present - e.g., Pink Lady Dancers and Knockers Up.  Also, it would be nice if there were some categorization of the events.  For example, The Raylettes performance were a bunch of dancers in sync dancing random numbers to a DJ.  Not quite sure what distinguishes that from a club or makes it a dance performance.
*all is useful
*People advertising
*I don't know of anything.
*I guess when it was being used to advertising for burlesque.  It was quite often and no one else was advertizing dance events.
*your shoes
*Hmmmmm?   can't come up with one.
*the sequences sent out every week
*rubs chin* - If I am entirely honest I cant think of one....

COMMENTS - Thanks for the nice comments. Thanks even more for identifying areas for improvement. I will be working on the events listing and soon hope to have either the blog or a website up and running with a better way to enter scheduling information.


13. What is one idea you have to make dancing better or more fun?

*a Library in a compact way to store all the info gathered , to help all members and newcomers
*I dance mostly with teams, so I think it would be fun to incorporate group dance competitions, though sl does limit this.
*More "festival alike" things and for the fun... less "im the best" performers...(if you know what i mean ;o))
*i would like to see more of us including myself visit each others shows that we put on, and for all to participate and join in on the fun
*not a wonderful time to ask me perhaps try in a years time
*More groups to work together rather than pulling each other down.
*Encourage members to visit other members shows etc to keep up the interest
*It would help me to see lists of dance types and where to buy them.. and also reviews of dances.. which I do see, but would like more of.    For instance, I would like to build a sequence for me and a guy to use on a date.. something "bump and grind-ish" and I have NO idea where to shop for that.
*Would like to know more about couple dances.
*Clone Nottoo?  Or a redelivery system so that lost Transfer dances can be recovered. Copy is nice, and provides protection from loss, but I find the ability to move animations among alts and other dance company members more useful. I also prefer to spend less per dance so I can buy more dances.
*Someone to hold my hand and walk me through HUDDLES set up maybe? It intimidates me. I had one long ago and only remember getting very confused and messing the thing up a lot.
*Well.... help me run the Chippendales, so I have more time to play with my dances.. hehe
*Lots of possibilities here - but having a place to collect videos of each of the dance sequences - would be fun to see from different groups dancing them.
*No ideas yet but I'm a novice.
*Going to live performances and dancing the crowd.  people who are not dance queens are always amazed and grateful and make each encounter fresh and new again.
*This is someting only the individual can achieve, You "Nottoo" are an amazing person BUT  YOU cannot achieve the impossible.  If a person does ot consider it fun and rewarding - there is nothing anyone can do. You have achieved so much for all and hopefully everyone will continue to enjoy and be creative as they have.  suppost on a give and take and watch everyone grow.  its is an amazing journey.
*I think It sometimes very hard to locate dances and it can be a very laggy business once you step into the store.  I really like the way sinewave  has a search and tp system to help you locate a dance and not have to muscle through the lag searching through the whole store.
*a once a month event on your sim ran by you
*Have Huddles update their product to accommodate some of our needs with group dancing such as: inviting ALL, Groups created so we don't have to wear 2 or 3 huds at once, and probably a lot more ideas too.
*Wish there was a way to use only parts of a dance anim, rather than always having to start from the beginning
*Hmmm now thats subjective... I like interaction in performances, but we are a bawdy bunch at Moons. Deffo not for everyone.

COMMENTS - There are a lot of different ideas here. I will be taking them and using them to create dance information and dance events that are based on these ideas.  Riddle has made a database and we are working on data entry. This will be a useful dance resource for us all.  I am in the process of setting up a DANCE QUEENS area on my sim and will soon be asking for ideas how to make it useful. The blog for DANCE QUEENS is being reborn ( and will be ready in a few weeks.