Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hacking to Animation Priority 6

Hacking to Animation Priority 6

This is NOT recommended. I got this info from an SL animator.


Method 1

  1. close Second Life
  2. open Second Life/skins/default/xui/en-us/floater_animation_preview.xml in a text editor
  3. modify this section:  
    label="Priority" label_width="50" left="10" max_val="4" min_val="0"
    tool_tip="Controls which other animations can be overridden by this animation."
    width="90" />change max_val="4" to desired maximum animation priority level
  4. upload your animation normally, choose desired priority level


Method 2

  1. close Second Life
  2. open Second Life/app_settings/anim.ini
  3. add this section to the top:[GLOBALS]
    priority = 6 (or other desired value)
  4. upload your animation normally, choose desired priority level


Method 3

  1. download the modified qavimator created by Zwagoth Klaar.
  2. Create an animation and save it in the .anim format
  3. polish it using his AnimMaker tool
  4. upload it using Emerald Viewer's bulk upload (Or Zwagoth's uploader patch)


For methods 1 and 2, you may run into a windows permissions error preventing you from modifying the file in question. You can get around this by running your notepad as an administrator (right click > run as administrator), or by copying the contents of the file in question into a new one, then delete/swap the old one out.

What needs testing is whether the server can handle all animation priorities on all joints, whether the various viewer mods posted above have any pitfalls or shortcomings, etc. It would be nice to hear from a Linden whether the server has any issues with higher priority animations. To help new animators, it might also be wise to add some guidelines in the uploader in the form of tool tips for what would be an appropriate priority level choice for certain types of animations.



  1. You know, it would have been good to not only quote this but the warning that creators put below it too. This hack can't just be given out. It needs context. So for context, here is this quote from the JIRA (which people will hopefully read):

    I urge content creators to use this information responsibly, making user experience the first priority when determining the appropriate priority for new animations.
    There are hundreds of thousands of existing products which make heavy use of the fundamental assumption that starting a priority 4 animation will override whatever existing animation is playing for the affected joints.
    We do need more priorities. It is a real shame that Linden did not have the foresight to set a standard with more than one priority above the system animations at the beginning of time.
    Before uploading a new animation at a priority higher than 4, please consider whether your user will honestly expect your animation to continue playing when they sit on a chair or join a dance ball or get into a car or any of the thousands of other possible actions they might take. Similarly, please consider whether your animation is going to break all those existing shoes and accessories that currently use priority 4 scripts to lock ankles and arms.
    There are certainly situations where a priority 5 animation which overrides just a few joints opens fantastic new possibilities. However, the person who creates an AO full of priority 5 animations has doomed their customers to a life of confusion and simply elevated the problem we have today with priority 4 animations to priority 5.
    Should we foresee that inevitability and upload our cool new animations, which are by far the best and most definitely the only ones which should be playing, at priority 999? Or 99999? Obviously this is absurd. In the absence of guidance from Linden and enforcement of limits at the server level, it is up to those of us with the skill to circumvent the limitations to be responsible.
    I recommend that we establish guidelines for the use of higher priorities. To this end, I have taken the first step and created a Wiki article at
    It could use some additional examples of good uses for lower priorities, if there is anyone out there that is having success with those.

  2. is there a way to do this with Firestorm?