Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The New Dance Queens Calendar

Hi there,

In order to serve you even better, we're working on migrating from the old calendar system to a nice new calendar system.

You can find the new calendar on the blog at:


If you look up at the header of this page, the Dance Queens Calendar link points to that page.

If the calendar on that page is too scrunched up for you, the full page version is at:


Please update your bookmarks to the new location.

Both of these pages force the time zone to Pacific Time/Los Angeles Time, which is Second Life Time (SLT).

Thoughts? Let us know.


PS: Okay, here's some ADVANCED stuff you can do with the calendar.

  1. Want to add the calendar to your Google Calendar? Click the + Google Calendar in the lower-right corner of the full page calendar. It'll display events in your Google Calendar's timezone, but you can set it for alerts so you don't miss events.
  2. Want to display that calendar in-world as a poster? Use Shared Media to embed the full page calendar's URL on a prim. (For more information about shared media, read http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Category:Shared_Media)
  3. Want to display that calendar in-world as a living breathing calendar? There are a lot of Google Calendar-compatible items on SL Marketplace. Just use the Google Calendar ID dancequeensslife@gmail.com (I use https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Google-Calendar-gmailcom-Events-Board/3653230 for my gallery, but there are others.) NOTE: Nobody reads that mailbox. It should reply with a vacation notice telling you the right way to submit events for the calendar.