Monday, April 9, 2018



After lots of planning, preparing, and a move, Harleyquin Workshops are back!  Fresh and new!

Next 3 workshops are below.  NO pre-registration is required and EVERYONE is welcome!  All classes are drop-in, but don't be late!  The sim will be closed five minutes after the posted start time.

What's coming next!

- Sat Apr 21st –  * 3 pm slt *
Performance Director Class 3:  Advanced, Making it Sing

You have the basics down - in this workshop we play with additional features and possible ways to use them!  Load another routine notecard, derez your set, other ways to use groups, starting animations....and anything else we can think of!  We're even going to touch on layering!
** Requires experience in creating a full PD routine

- Tues Apr 24th – 5 pm slt
An Introduction to Dance & Choreography in SL

Have the passion and desire to create your own dance, want to unveil the magic of how a choreographer creates, but not sure where to begin?  Together we cover those first steps, considerations, and building a strong foundation.

- Sat Apr 28th – * 3 pm slt *
Particles for Performance

What types are there?  How can you control them?  When and how they can add impact to your dance.  Includes demonstrations and bonus extras.

Want to see what's on the schedule?  Go here!

Additional info and Landmark will be coming soon!

Please note:  You MUST attend the workshop to receive any workshop handouts.

Yours in dancing,
~ Eva